March 29, 2023

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WWE 2K20

Have 2K Games released WWE 2K20 Before it is Finished?

Here at Stoffel Presents, we are starting to have a somewhat fractious relationship with 2K Games and it seems WWE 2K20 isn't gonna fix the relationship anytime soon.

By Badger Nimahson

Here at Stoffel Presents, we are starting to have a somewhat fractious relationship with 2K Games and it seems WWE 2K20 isn’t gonna fix the relationship anytime soon.

Yes, Borderlands 3 was amazing but we cant morally or ethically support the gambling mechanics and microtransactions in NBA 2K20. Now, however, itis the turn of WWE 2K20 to cause outrage amongst gamers. Why? Quite simply it is a broken mess and shouldn’t have been released.

It seems that 2K Games have gone full Bethesda and unleashed a broken, buggy, mess of a game onto the paying public. How bad can it be I hear you ask? check out the video below:

I have no idea how you would even attempt to play that first match and look forward to the PR department of 2K Games defending it. That first match in the video above isn’t a glitch that is full-on broken and unplayable!

If comedy glitches ain’t your thing and you prefer a bit of spine-tingling, stright up horror movie schtick then never fear 2K have you covered there as well just check out this match featuring Paige manifesting from some Nth dimension to gorge on the souls fo mankind

The video above is creepy as f*** whereas our next submission is more what the f*** as in what the hell is the referee doing and how the f*** was this game released?

Now yes, Like you I am laughing at some of these videos (trust me there is a lot more) but can you imagine if you have been waiting months for the release of WWE 2K20 can’t wait to get hands-on with all the new features and game modes etc, part with £60 of your hard-earned cash only to receive the mess that is in these videos?

It is just not on to expect people to part with their hard-earned cash for something so broken and unplayable. This should never have been released. It should have been delayed until these problems are fixed. The problem here isn’t 2K Games. It is us gamers.

We constantly let companies like Bethesda and 2K release broken, unfinished games. We allow Ea to fill their yearly titles with endless microtransactions and what do you do? We bloody buy them!!!

If we want to put an end to these predatory and unethical business practices then as a community we need to start voting with our wallets

As always we have reached out to 2K Games for a comment but as always we don’t expect a reply. We will of course update this article if and when 2K Games responds.