March 29, 2023

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Hell warders – PS4 review


Hell warders is the latest edition to the ps4 from publishers PQube and the dev’s at antigravity game studios, it is a 3rd person fantasy based tower defence game. The premise of the game is you play as one of three heroes from an ancient order who all have different abilities and powers, you need to push back wave after wave of demons and other nightmarish creatures using help from a army of knights, mages, archers and war machines.

Ok so there is the into to the game now to get down to the important bit how does the game handles, there was a few things that instantly got me off on the wrong foot with this game sadly. The tutorial is non-existent, sadly there the game does not really do anything to help you understand what you are doing it just kind of hopes you’re going to work it out for yourself. I will admit the game is not massively complicated, but it is always nice to be shown around on your first day even if its something you have done before somewhere else.

Hell warders

Hell warders gives you 3 heroes to select from Ash, the ember knight, The deadeye and Samson, the de-throned, as you would expect each character has there own abilities and weapons and abilities as I said ranging from the close quarter fighters like Ash and Samson to the mid ranged dead eye who uses shotguns. I did try out all 3 but I found deadeye being more to my play style with the longer ranged attacks and the fact I am able to react quickly to different areas of attack as I am not stuck in the centre of the fight which is handy when there are multiple lanes of attack.

As you complete each level in Hell warders you are given a rating out of 5, for each point you get on these ratings you get points to put into your characters stats or your towers stats, it doesn’t actually explain how the tower stats work so I am going to go with it must mean the units that you build to defend the towers.

Hell warders

Visually the game is nothing impressive it is fairly basic and the load screen art is even quite blocky and that worried me straight away before I even got into the game, but there are a variety of different looking demons and the like that are going to be running at you if you have the time to admire them.

There is a multiplayer aspect to the game and if this is a game you decide to look into I would highly recommend this as a option to use for playing it as the game doesn’t seem to punish you for playing in co-op mode and it seems like you will encounter the same number of demons if its you or you and 3 mates. Also, one other thing I feel like I should point out, its 4 player co-op but there are only 3 heroes to choose from? I realise it is a little thing to get bugged by, but I do feel like that someone just phoned that one in and didn’t really think about the co-op game to much.

Hell warders

The other things I found is the controls in Hell warders have a very high sensitivity as standard and this is coming from someone who loves to play titanfall, COD and Apex so I am used to having my sensitivity fairly high on games but I had to lower this down massively to make it playable as I was struggling to aim at anything with my shotguns (yes shotguns, I know I said it is fantasy based will get to that in a bit). So, the final big issue I personally found with this game and I will more on to other things to talk about with the game, the game is a tower defence game and I get that means that you have to tackle lots and lots of enemies charging at you at once that’s the idea. But I had issues on some levels where I was trying to build more units as bad guys are charging down the halls and the game wouldn’t register that I was trying to open up the build menu, well that’s a lie it did register just about 10 seconds later once the big guy with horns was trying to club me to death which was not ideal!

I realise this has been a bit of a ranty article and that’s not my usual style to be honest but I feel like this game could have been so much better, I love diablo and when I saw this I had hopes it would give me something of a diablo feel to it but I just feel let down, I am sure if I could convince 3 friends to part with money and buy the game I would enjoy it a lot more than I have as I wouldn’t need to fight with the clunky unit build during a fight and things like that but its not going to be an option.

Sadly, I have to give this game a score of 3/10 it is a good idea for a game but it needs work