March 30, 2023

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USB Cassette Collection

Hewson USB Cassette Collection

Huey Games have been forging the path in Neo-Retro games with amazing titles like Hypersentinel. Earlier this year the father and son duo Andrew & Rob Hewson unveiled their brand new USB Cassette Collection on Kickstarter.

Article by Badger Nimahson

Huey Games have been forging the path in Neo-Retro games with amazing titles like Hypersentinel. Earlier this year the father and son duo Andrew & Rob Hewson unveiled their brand new USB Cassette Collection on Kickstarter.

I caught up with Rob Hewson to find out exactly what the USB Cassette Collection is. Check out the interview below.

Earlier this year Huey Games launched the Collectors USB Cassette series via Kickstarter. What exactly is the series?

It is a limited physical run for retro gamers. We’re selecting the best Neo-Retro games, like Droid Assault and Ultratron, and offering backers a physical collectors edition on our unique USB Cassette format, so it slots seamlessly into your existing retro collection.

The Kickstarter for Cassette 001 finished earlier this year. Does that mean anyone reading this can no longer purchase Cassette 001?

For each release, there is a Collectors USB Cassette and the premium Ultra USB Cassette. You can still get the Collectors version of past releases, but the Ultra version is always exclusive to backers of each Kickstarter campaign. 

Cassette 002 is the classic PC game Ultratron. How did you come to choose Ultratron has the title for Cassette 002?

Ultratron was developed by Puppygames, who also created Droid Assault for #001 so we had an existing relationship. We approached Puppygames as our launch partner for the series because they epitomise the best of modern Neo-Retro gaming, and of course, given our history with Hewson games and the homage which Droid Assault pays to Paradroid, we just had to have that game for #001! Ultratron was chosen for #002 firstly because it was the most requested title from the backers of #001, and secondly because it made sense to continuing building this series in partnership with Puppygames, after getting off to such a great start together.

The USB cassette doesn’t just come with games, does it? It is also jam-packed with extras.

That’s the beauty of the format – you get a physical collectors edition of the game plus loads of extras. We’re talking indie game demos, soundtracks, retro archives, artwork and loads more.

USB Cassette Collection

31st October 2019 sees the launch of Cassette 003, Do you already know what the title for that cassette is?

We have contenders in mind, but we need to survey the backers of #002 for their thoughts before making the final decision.

6. Can you tell us which titles are being considered?

That would spoil all the fun!

You have chosen to go to Kickstarter for the Collectors USB Cassette series. Why crowdfund rather than a retail release?

We’ve built an incredible community on Kickstarter from previous campaigns, and the truth is that without crowdfunding the Collectors USB Cassette series would simply not be possible. Crowdfunding isn’t right for every project, but for projects like ours, it is actually essential.

On the Kickstarter campaign, you list 4 cassettes in the series. Will the series expand further or end at 4?

Absolutely, we’re planning to keep this going for as long as backers want to continue building their collections. Hopefully, that will be for a long time to come!

Finally, I like to give this last part over to you to speak directly to our audience. What more do they need to know about the Collectors USB Cassette collection?

We love physical games, and we love game collectors. This is a completely unique format which is totally unlike any other boxed games in the world, but which also pays homage to the legacy and heritage of our rich retro gaming history, just like the games themselves. If you think that is something which should exist, and something which would look cool in your collection, then join us on this journey because without the support of backers the Collectors USB Cassette series wouldn’t even be a thing.

At the time of publishing this interview, the Kickstarter campaign for #002 has already surpassed its goal with 24 days still remaining. These cassettes really are a thing of beauty and come jam-packed with extra’s.

So if you are a fan of retro gaming and a collector then head over to the Kickstart Campaign and get pledging. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of #001 while you are there too 😉