March 28, 2023

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Hidden Gems Newscast For Monday 6 August 2018

My latest episode of my gaming news show. Where I bring you up to date news straight off the press. Stay tuned to Stoffel Presents and all the Hidden Gems platforms for each new episode as it gets uploaded.

My latest gaming news show is now available on the Hidden Gems Mixer, Twitch & YouTube channels.  I’m still figuring out how often I can do these streams but I felt when I started last week and said weekly it wouldn’t be enough to keep up with the news.  So for now it will be as often as I can! That’s about as far as I can promise at the moment but certainly there will be a few of these a week whenever I can spare 20-30 mins on my laptop to bring you the latest news as it lands in my inbox.
If you want to be part of the show you can write in to with your questions, letters, talking about what games you’re playing and/or excited about that’s coming soon.  Also if you’re looking for friends to play with you can give me your name, gamertag, PSN ID, Switch ID, which game you are looking to play and I will read it out so others from our awesome community can find you.
On today’s show we have Fire Pro Wrestling, 428 Shibuya Scramble coming to the west for the first time, new footage of upcoming games in September with F1 2018, Spiderman PS4, Dakar 18, V Rally 4 and Broken Sword 5 which launches on Nintendo Switch in September as well.  Please follow, subscribe, like the videos and if you want to support Hidden Gems you can go to
Watch the episode here: