March 28, 2023

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Holy Potatoes! – A Weapon Shop – PS4 Review


Holy Potatoes! – A Weapon Shop is a fun and wacky business simulator set in a fantastical potato world. Originally released on android and ios the addictive and wacky world of forging weapons has finally made the move to console.
You are a young spud and grandson to a legendary weaponsmith. You inherit your grandfathers business via a very shady potato called Agent 47. This despicable character is obviously ripping you off and whilst you know absolutely nothing about business and forging weapons can you miraculously channel you grandfather and make is blacksmithing business legendary once again?
From the outset, it is clear that Holy Potatoes! A weapon Shop is primarily designed for touch screen devices and whilst the controls on console are adequate they can feel somewhat clunky at times.
The main purpose of the game is to increase the wealth and fame of your blacksmithing workshop by producing and selling weapons. Firstly you will have to buy some materials as well send blacksmiths on expeditions to gain other materials that can’t be bought. Once you have your materials you can then produce a weapon.

Each weapon has different attributes (Attack, Accuracy, Speed and Magic) and to begin forging a weapon you will need to pick the blacksmith with the highest stat in the weapons main attribute in order to produce better weapons.
Blacksmiths gain exp with each action they undertake and therefore can be levelled up to produce better and stronger weapons. The levelling system for the blacksmiths is simple and effective allowing you to plan out the progression of your blacksmiths from the very beginning and doesn’t result in you messing up in any way.
As your blacksmiths increase, the weapons they produce become better and therefore the price you can sell them at increases. More weapon sales mean more fame and once you have amassed a certain level of fame you can move on to the next area.

In the next region of the world, you will find new materials that enable you to create new weapons and so the game ticks on.
Alongside this, there are wonderful puns scattered throughout the dialogue such as having a blacksmith who is a parody of Kenny from South Park as well as making one-off legendary weapons for visiting characters such as a Busted Sword for a parody of Cloud from Final Fantasy or Chains for a parody of God of Wars Kratos.
Holy Potatoes is a fun, quirky and addictive game that has a great sense of humour but the entire time playing I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was playing a mobile game that didn’t quite feel at home on the PlayStation 4. Now I have nothing against mobile games, I play Marvel Strike Force daily but mobile games have a time and a place. If I am playing on a console I want a console game.
Also whilst £11.99 is a fair price for a game that will give you hours of enjoyment. £4.69 on Android is a much better deal not only on price but in playing the game with touchscreen controls as it was meant to be played.
Overall Score – 6/10