HoverGrease – PGC London 2020

by Badger Nimahson

The King stepped out of his Twitch kingdom and attended Pock gamer Connect London 2020 to see what veritable treats are to be bestowed upon his kingdom in the coming years.

First up is HoverGrease from developer Altergaze. Founded in 2014, Altergaze is a Creative Technology company with a wide portfolio of Original IP — Games, Tools and Hardware products, created in-house with full ownership.

HoverGrease caught the Kings eye with its amazing and unique character designs and only piqued his interest further when he discovered the a playable character called Johnny Cockhead ( he really is that mature sometimes).

Immaturity aside HoverGrease looks bloody amazing. It is made entirely in-house by developer Altergaze and the premise to the game is described on there website as follows:

At the end of the 22nd century, advancements in bio engineering allows to cure almost any terminal disease through mix-and-match of genes from any living creatures with human DNA. The procedure is mostly used as a last resort, as most of the time it results in abnormalities and dis-figuration.

On a few rare occasions, the altering of DNA has yielded some highly desired results, where the balance of human DNA with genes from a single animal resulted in aesthetically pleasing specimens — some even attractive / good looking creatures. These lucky ones have become overnight sensations living a life of public attention — nicknamed Anthro Influencers. Little does the public know about the reality of their contracts with Big Corp Inc., the world’s leading company in DNA altering, who claims to have full control over the results. Big Corp Inc. is looking to change the public perceptions of DNA altering by sponsoring an Anthro-only tournament as a PR stunt, and you are invited to join!

Play as Kimmy Frog, Johnny Cockhead, Foxy BonBon, Lab-Rat Perry or as Piggy Smith (the first 5 Anthro Influencers revealed out of the 12 character roster) and blast your way to freedom!

HoverGrease is a 5v5 top down online shooter that  mixes the feeling of traditional first-person shooters with fast-paced arcade-like characters via top-down game mechanics.

At the beginning of each round, you will be asked to buy your weapons — one primary, one secondary, and two utilities. Each hero has their own arsenal of 16-20 weapons and utilities to choose from. Heroes also have individual stats influencing their speed, life and shield.

we are sure Hovergrease will feature more on Stoffel Presents as it gets closer to launch. If however you like what you see then you can head over to their discord server with this link and sign up for the next alpha testing session for free!

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