Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000

By Chloe Smith

Produced by Blue Wizard Digital, Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 is literally that! Table tennis.
However, it is not just any table tennis. This game has levels, it has spells, it has bosses. Oh, and it is also a role-playing game!

Set in the Hypergalactic year 3000, you are essentially a paddle board. But within this game, as you level up you gain skills. You get to romance and charm other paddle boards or you get new attacks that you can use on them.

When you lose the level, you find yourself faced with a comedic narrative basically telling you that you suck. Tongue in cheek comedy is present throughout this game.
When you win the level, you get to choose an upgrade, with again another narrative basically saying well done, you did good. But you can do better!

Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000

You find yourself facing bosses of all shapes and sizes…Yes, this isn’t an ordinary table tennis game, you will face cubes, rectangles, weird odd shapes that you will have to try and beat. Some levels have obstacles that you either have to avoid or use very strategically.

This is the perfect boredom buster. I spent hours unknowingly playing this game and found myself gravitating back to it! And only being a $2 game, it is worth buying just for something to do when you have a spare half hour and no idea how to fill it!

It is very typical of a retro ping pong game visually. It is set out so it looks like you are looking at an arcade screen. The game begins with very basic ping pong visuals, but as the levels progress the visuals change slightly.

You also have a narrator speaking every so often, sometimes it may give you a sound effect as you hit the ball with the paddle, or it may speak when you lose your life. This made me giggle as it was unexpected.

Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000

Over all Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000, I feel was just a good boredom buster. I would happily pay the $2 for it but I don’t think I would pay much more for it.

Overall Score – 6/10

I would happily play it if I had nothing else to play as it is easy to lose a couple of hours on it. But it’s nothing excitingly great.

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