June 7, 2023

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Inside Xbox Is Back!

Will there be new game announcements?

Xbox have announced their once popular Xbox news show Inside Xbox is coming back this Saturday 10 March 2018.  The show rose to popularity in the Xbox 360 generation where they showcased all the latest and upcoming Xbox and third party games for the 360.  Although shortly into this generation with the Xbox One, Inside Xbox was cancelled and somewhat replaced by Major Nelson’s weekly show This Week On Xbox which covers pretty much the same topics all the latest and upcoming games and features on Xbox and now Windows 10 PCs as well.

What’s interesting to me is the new Inside Xbox is a monthly show and some people think that Microsoft want to make it like Nintendo’s Direct shows where they reveal brand new games that haven’t already been announced.  This certainly makes sense to me because why would they have a monthly show with the same information as the weekly one?

In this announce trailer they mention Xbox Game Pass announcements so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this Saturday they’ll want to kick the show off with a bang, so my predictions are we get a release date of either late March to mid April for Crackdown 3 and a release window for State Of Decay 2.  Now they said State Of Decay 2 is coming in Spring 2018 in the latest trailer and that was a while back at Gamescom 2017 I believe.  So I’m gonna throw my hat in with a June/July release for that game.
We will find out this Saturday and I’ve got my eye on Major Nelson’s twitter where he likes to drop hints at upcoming announcements like the inclusion of Rise Of The Tomb Raider on Xbox Game Pass which it now is available on Xbox’s £7.99 a month subscription service.