Is The COD Franchise In Trouble?


Written by John Wilke

Breaking news coming to light that the Call of Duty game for release in 2020 to be produced by Sledgehammer games is in complete turmoil. As reported by Kotaku and here at Stoffel Presents we can only report on this and cannot confirm…

Sledgehammer Games have been asked to move to a “supporting role” for the COD 2020 release with Treyarch being asked to step in to support. I’ve literally left a party to report on this and we can only give you the information as breaks so please bear with us.

It is being reported that sledgehammer games founder Michael Condrey who has left to form his new gaming development company has now had a fuck load of employees leave Sledgehammer games to work with him and his new studio.

Please forgive any typos, it is late. What is speculated is Sledgehammer games have developed most of the campaign mode which COD fans will be happy to note is apparently set in the cold war but where does this leave the rest of COD 2020?!?

Well, more news coming to light is that Treyarch has been asked to step in to produce COD 2020 which gives them a pitiful 18 MONTHS to (if rumours are true) produce a fully fledged multiplayer and extras in 18 months! which even the greatest people in the gaming industry would struggle to do.

Translated COD and Activision are in a world of shit. Given the heat from the community they have been receiving of late, they needed the next 2 COD to be relative successes to continue the franchise with COD 2019 all but confirmed as being Modern Warfare 4 (Infinity Ward) this is the last news that we expect Activision wanted to break.

Also breaking as I write this is Raven software has apparently lost 3 “significant” employees within the last 24hours. Raven software who have very close ties with the Call of duty franchise after collaborating with infinity ward of the Call of duty ghosts game (let us remember that infinity ward at this time was a shell of its former self with many of its employees having moved to respawn entertainment).

COD 2019 has seen its successes with former infinity ward employees returning which has given the COD franchise traction again but as this breaks…The future is looking extremely bleak.

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