March 28, 2023

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Jessica Jones S2EP3 – TV Review – Spoilers


Episode 3 of Jessica Jones Season 2 sees a fair few questions answered but it is getting increasingly harder to write these reviews without drifting into spoiler territory so from now on I’m just going to stop trying.
The episode opens with Jessica and Trish dumping Simpson’s body at sea. His death in the last episode was quite shocking as it came straight from left field. The character did become a little stale in season 1 but I was hoping that season 2 would see him in a role more akin to NUKE in the comics. But this is a comic book adaptation so maybe he won’t stay dead for long. If he does however then a thing it was a poor way to finish off his character.
This episode generally revolved around the evolution of character and personal arcs.  We see Jessica’s complete and utter distrust of people make it absolutely impossible for her to be hypnotised in order to unlock regressed memories but it does make her accept that she must investigate her past and get answers even though she doesn’t want to. It is wonderful to see the dichotomy of her being reluctantly inquisitive fold out.
Trish, on the other hand, is becoming more like Jessica as she tries to push Griffin away in order to protect him. She is slowly starting to approach the world in the way Jessica does. To protect those she cares for she has to cut off all ties with them.  Although we come to see later that Griffin may in fact care for the story more than he does Trish.
Hogarth’s character is one of my favourites in the Netflix MCU, hard ass, no-nonsense, goes for the throat opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. So it is extremely moving to see her be so open and vulnerable when discussing her ALS diagnosis with Jessica. All the power and success she has built cannot stop her being forced out of her law firm. Maybe the only cure for ALS is medical experimentation? Surely if Hogarth gets powers she won’t be using them for good!
I find the addition of the building’s superintendent to be an interesting side narrative on bigotry and treatment of other classes. Is the superintendent a bigot? The moment he saw that Jessica had powers he wanted nothing to do with her. He made a decision about her and frames it around his own morality of being a good dad although he is a convicted criminal. When he spouts the line “you’re not a protected class” I actually gasped. Does he honestly believe that because the law doesn’t protect superheroes from hate speech then it is acceptable to discriminate against them? It is an apt parody of modern western politics today and the second time in two episodes that Jessica Jones has made a wonderful piece of social commentary.
Also in this episode, we got to see the return of Foggy Nelson. Hopefully, we will get to see more of him later has Hogarth has no choice but to take him up on his offer.
Finally, the mystery seemed to open has Jessica struggled to keep control of her emotions whilst she was sat face to face with the women who tortured, experimented and gave her the abilities she has.
What was interesting was that whilst Jessica hates what was done to her without permission Dr Hansen is of the viewpoint that Jessica should be thanking her for saving her life and giving her her powers. It was interesting to see both sides of the argument but unfortunately, we didn’t get too much detail as it was suddenly revealed she isn’t Dr Hansen at all.  She does, however, seem to have powers similar to Jessica. Did she get them from the same place? Which leaves us with the question who is she and how does she Know so much about Jessica? On to episode 4 to hopefully find out but no doubt get more questions.
How are you enjoy season two of Jessica Jones? Do you think Hogarth will undergo experimentation? Who is pretending to be Dr Hansen and have we seen the last of Simpson? As always let us know your thoughts  in the comments below