March 29, 2023

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Jessica Jones S2EP4 – TV Review (Spoilers)


Episode 4 of Jessica Jones season 2 was a bit of a slow affair focusing more on characters than driving the narrative forward. The main thrust of this episode was who is Jessica Jones? Does Jessica even know herself?
It seems the more Jessica tries to handle her emotions around her past and her superpowers the more unstable she becomes. Also, the further she delves into the rabbit warren that is the mystery of her past the more she struggles to grasp not just who but what she is.
Jessica Jones season 2 has hit some quite big social issues head-on. Already this season we have had bigotry and sexual abuse and now in this episode, it is the turn of Hogarth to highlight the issues surrounding a person right to die.
Hogarth has always been a strong, solid character and the scene where she sees a woman fall over and become helpless really hits home the ALS diagnosis for her. She is frozen in fear and disgust as she realises that this is what she will eventually become. The scene in the doctor’s office really hits this home as she explains in great depth her experience of seeing her father pass away with a brain tumour and how she refuses to go the same way.  Hogarth has always been in control and while she can’t win this battle she can lose on her terms.
We also get to see further clues that Griffin may not be the perfect man that Trish thinks he is. There is definitely a secret there and what it is isn’t clear yet. Is he using Trish for a story? does it want to break it before she does? Is he working for IGH? Whilst on the subject of Trish it seemed she was itching at any excuse to use Simpson’s combat enhancing drugs. Is her old life and addictions coming back to haunt her? With so many secrets how can her and Griffins relationship even survive?
As Trish and Jessica Jones tracked down the woman in the warehouse a little bit more of the story began to unfold. The “monster” they are tracking may not be too different from Jessica after all. Which leads to the burglary scene in Jessica’s apartment and probably the greatest question so far of the series… Just who is the bad guy?
So far IGH remain a faceless organisation and even the woman who pretended to be Dr Hansen has so many similar attributes to Jessica that she is doubting herself. So is the bad guy of the series Cheng? Is it IGH or could it possibly Jessica herself?
Know with Jessica arrested for murder and no Hogarth to help her out where will the series go from here?
What do you think of  Jessica Jones season 2 so far? Who do you think the big bad of the series will be? As always let us know your thoughts in the comment section below