March 30, 2023

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Jessica Jones S2EP5 – TV Review (Spoilers)


Episode 5 of Season 2 was another character lead episode as the mystery slowly continues to unfold. Story arcs expand and the characters that inhabit the world become more fleshed out as they all deal with their personal battles.
We still don’t have a name for the killer with powers comparable to Jessica Jones but we did get to see a lot more of her in this episode. The opening scene gave us a glimpse of her day to day life at home and should us her love for the piano and her hatred of social interaction.
The scene with her holding the baby was heart racing as the music built the tension to palpable levels I honestly thought it was all building up to her killing the baby. She does seem to have the exact same powers as Jessica Jones but has an older woman as she had them longer? Is this an indication of Jessica’s future? Perhaps Jessica’s strength comes from her rage and the older she is the harder it is to maintain and control?
Malcolm was one of my favourite characters in season one. his progression from crack addict to a tool of Killgrave and now Jessica’s associate is one the warms my cold dead heart. He is really beginning to sign as a character and becoming indispensable to Jessica. I really do enjoy seeing a character shine and blossom through a mix of great writing and acting.
Although this isn’t the case with Hogarth, we see her slip back to her scheming, power-hungry ways as she tries to impress and then tap up Iniesta for all the information she has on IGH’s experiments.  Leading more and more down the path of Hogarth willfully submitting to extermination and then using her powers for ill-gotten gains.
Whereas Trish, on the other hand, seems to be lapsing into a cycle of self-destruction. Simpson’s combat drugs have got such a grip on her that she can’t risk getting married in case her addiction is found out. Yes, we know Griffin has some kind of alternative motive but at this point in time Trish is unaware of that. The fact that not taking gives her incredible withdrawal symptoms and after she argues and slaps her mother she takes a hit off the combat inhaler whilst not in combat shows the grip the drug has on her. Will her addiction make her a liability or sidekick to Jessica?
As for Jessica, we got to see a true glimpse of her inner self. At Trish engagement, she was truly fighting an inner turmoil. She knew she should be happy for Trish but just couldn’t bring herself to be around that. The same went for the superintendent when he invited her for dinner. Wherever people are happy Jessica feels her presence puts them in danger. That is a mental conditioning she carries internally 24/7. That is how broken our hero is.
The mystery did unfold a little more thanks to Jessica trip to the asylum to meet Dave. The janitor who is serving life for a murder he didn’t commit. He lets slip about his friend Dr Carl and octopus DNA. Is that what was used on Jessica? However, when Jessica goes to the aquarium hoping to spot the doctor she gets more than she bargained for because not only does seeing him trigger repressed memories but the doctor recognises her.
Throw into the mix that he seems to be romantically involved with the killer and not only do we have a smashed aquarium and a panic public to finish the episode on but yet again we have more questions than answers.
What are your thoughts and theories on Jessica Jones so far? Letus know what you think in the comments section below