April 1, 2023

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Jessica Jones S2EP6 – TV Review (Massive Spoilers)


Warning before you go any further there are massive and I mean MA HOO SIVE spoilers coming up so before you read any further you have been warned!
This episode whilst still focusing on the characters and their journeys does flesh out the story quite a bit. We learn more about Dr Karl and what he was working on we find out a little bit more about IGH  and the other powered people that were there but mainly we focus on Jessica and Trish.
Trish continues her downward spiral into drug abuse with Simpson’s combat stimulant and at this moment in time looks like there is no way out for her. It isn’t just the drug use but the seeking of a bigger rush whilst high. This episode starts with This episode starts with Trish roaming the streets looking for a fight. The drugs give her heightened sense makes her combat ready and she is itching to fight. Later in that episode, we see her chase the use of those heightened senses by sleeping with Malcolm a move that is surely gonna be disastrous for the wannabe P.I
Meanwhile, we get treated to some classic Jessica Jones as she places a fake call to find out her lead is at the golf and reverts to the glorious no filter, no fucks given attitude that we know and love from Jessica Jones. Jessica finds out that the big bad Dr Karl isn’t so evil after all. In fact, everyone who knows him considers him to be a miracle worker!
Jessica resorts to essentially kidnaping the Mr Ambrose son or at least threatening to before finding out the address of the elusive Dr Karl. As Jessica arrives at the house of the piano smashing nameless killer all looks normal until certain clues hint at the reveal to come. A piece of music, A bottle of wine, a certain brand of perfume. All set Jessica up for possibly the biggest bombshell of her life. The crazed killer who framed her for murder is no other than her own dead mum!
Exactly what the hell this means going forward and just how the hell Jessica deals with this remains to be seen but after a few slow episodes, things just kicked back into gear!
What are your thoughts on Jessica Jones so far? How will this revelation affect her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below