April 1, 2023

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John Wick 3 Officially Announced!


John Wick, the assassin we all love is coming back for a third instalment, with Keanu Reeves reprising the role with some special guests coming in

Although filming for the third film hasn’t officially begun, plot lines have been leaked online and it’s safe to say we are in for a treat. The production is set to start next month with heavy speculation that we could see a lot of Japan in this film
Rumours are surrounding online that Hiroyuki Sanada is set to play the role as the villain as John Wick takes on a new kind of force in the form of the Yaukuza mafia

As well as Japan, the third film will be featuring a lot of countries and exciting places to really draw the audience in… that’s if you need any more reasons to watch this series
The film is set to hit theatres in 2019, with an expected date of 17 May. As well as this, there is the exciting new TV series that explores the league of Assassins that John worked for, with the leading role to be focused on an up and coming Assassin within the hotel

All we know is if John Wick is linked too it, we are interested. Are you excited for John Wick: Chapter 3? Let us know here at Stoffel Presents.