June 7, 2023

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Jump King

Jump King

ump, jump up as high as you can, but not too high because if you do, you’ll fall all the way back down to the bottom in this very rage-inducing game!
by Badger Nimahson

Jump, jump up as high as you can, but not too high because if you do, you’ll fall all the way back down to the bottom in this very rage-inducing game! I wanted to break my Xbox by the end of the first half-hour! All thanks to Jump King. I don’t even rage at Call of Duty this much, and I rage hard at that! The air was very blue around me, if I had a swear jar, I’d be bankrupt and owe millions in debt.
50 minutes it took me to get out of the first level to the sewers. I watched a speed-runner do that in seconds…
Your aim is to reach the “Smokin’ Hot Babe” that is at the top of the tower…if you ever make it up there that is.

The rules are simple, jump up to the next ledge, which can be any distance away from you, without falling because you will have to do it all again.
Each level gets progressively harder. The gaps will become further apart, the next ledge up will get higher than the last. The new sections usually take around 100 jumps to get used to them before you stop falling back down to the bottom again.

Jump King does get you thinking and gets your reflexes going. It tests how quick your reactions are when you have to jump. It also serves as a great memory game in the way of remembering the sequences of jumps and how high to jump to allow you to progress in the game. Brilliant hand-eye co-ordination is almost a must for Jump King otherwise I think you will struggle massively. Although I have played this many times for all different amounts of times, I have been stuck on the same section for 90% of it. I am starting to slowly rock in my corner whilst laughing hysterically with tears streaming down my face.

You will find yourself going through many areas of all descriptions, dungeons, woods and more! You may even feel like a knight in shining armour trying to rescue his princess, however, you may have given up all hope on her by now. I feel like a retard in tin foil now.
This action-adventure game developed and published by Nexile is nothing like I have ever played before. But if you are from the era of Frogger and Crash Bandicoot you will know the exact rage I felt playing this game. I felt every single emotion whilst playing Jump King, something I didn’t know was possible when playing a video game. Especially when the character ran off the edge and face planted the floor without me doing anything! Is it possible for a game to hate me? If so, why does it hate me? It has me questioning the meaning of life and everything!
Nexile, was that your plan, to make people question everything and existence? If so, you have succeeded!

Designed with 8-bit graphics Jump King is a side scroller that is controller and mouse and keyboard compatible, with remote play available on phone, tablet and TV.
There is no music to the actual game itself, only the in-menu screen. The sounds that it does include, however, are your typical 8-bit arcade game sounds with jump and fall sounds. There are also background noises depending on the level. For example, the woods have birds chirping. I am not sure if that was put there to try and relax you whilst you stress out. I feel like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk had an easier time climbing the tree than me!

Jump King

If you enjoy getting angry and your blood pressure rising to a dangerous level then you may enjoy this game, however disclaimer: if you have heart problems, you may not want to venture into the wonderful world of Jump King. I would not recommend out of spite (I actually would really as it is a great little puzzle game.)
I would give Jump King 6/10 just because I kept falling and got very angry.
Jump King is available on Steam for £10.99 with DLC available, as well as Xbox, Switch and Playstation.