Konami Announce they are Building an eSports School in Japan


By Badger Nimahson

During the Tokoyo Games Show 2019, Konami announced that they are to begin construction on an eSports School.

Konami will establish an esports complex within the “Konami Creative Center Ginza” (KCC GINZA), which is under construction at its new business base in Japan.

The complex consists primarily of a distribution studio for esports competitions and other broadcasts, in addition to an innovative esports school that aims to foster emerging talent in the esports industry and a hands-on showroom.

Konami esports school
Concept design of the eSports broadcast studio

The Konami Group will strive to contribute to the further growth of esports, starting with this complex that will bring together individuals, companies and knowledge from across the industry under one roof.

The “Esports GINZA Studio” is a distribution studio that will be fully equipped with devices and technology best suited for esports. The studio will serve as a featured venue for esports competitions, with footage live-streamed to various media outlets and video streaming services, allowing for a wide range of applications as a public studio. The studio will support simultaneous video distribution is multiple languages and CG composition in live videos, enabling it to also function as a venue for music, theatre and other purposes – not just esports.

The “Esports GINZA School” aims to foster a diverse array of professional talent that will be necessary to further develop the esports industry, including players, live commentators, management and operating staff for competitions. The school will achieve this by drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise that the Konami Group has gained through its esports competitions and support of players around the world.

Konami esports school
Concept design of the eSports classrooms

In addition, the state-of-the-art complex will also feature the “Esports GINZA Store”, a hands-on showroom that will offer many types of sports-related products, including custom PCs and peripherals designed for players to excel.

Konami esports school
Concept design of the eSports GINZA store

With the KCC GINZA building facing the popular Ginza street, the complex has significant potential to be a place where anyone can enter and experience the thrill of esports.

The GINZA esports complex is scheduled to open in early 2020, with more details to follow.

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