May 30, 2023

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Lego Brick Tales – PS5 Review

I can see Lego Brick Tales being best enjoyed by a parent and child duo. A game that you complete together and I find that incredibly wholesome. There aren't enough games to be shared like this.

by Lord badger

I first came across Lego Brick Tales at WASD earlier this year. I was immediately captured by its new approach to Lego games. I used to love Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones back in the day. But over the years I have become a bit bored with the whole Lego game formula. I think the last Lego game I actually played and enjoyed was Lego Marvel Super Heroes back in 2013!

That isn’t to say I think the Lego games are bad…I just found the formula stale and moved on. The fact they continued to be successful shows that they served their audience extremely well. What caught my attention with lego Brick Tales is the completely different gameplay to any Lego game I had previously seen.


Your grandfather is an amazing inventor. He is constantly creating weird and wonderful machines. Unfortunately, his zeal for innovation has meant he gets distracted from other issues. Such as his theme park falling into complete disrepair.

The theme park is in such a derelict state that the city has taken notice and is threatening to seize the land if he doesn’t bring the park up to a respectable standard. This is where you come in to help.

By travelling across five unique biomes you will solve puzzles, learn skills and collect the much-needed happiness cubes to restore your grandfather’s theme park.


I have hinted at the new approach to this entry into the Lego franchise but to be fair it isn’t really new. The developer of Lego Brick Tales is none other than ClockStone Studios. The studio is probably most well known for its Bridge Constructor series of games.

Lego Bricktales sees you navigating five different biomes solving puzzles and helping out other mini figures with their dilemmas. The big addition that pulled me towards Lego Bricktales is the puzzle-solving itself.

Each puzzle sees you having to construct an object such as a bridge, gyrocopter, etc. To achieve this you go into a new game area that puts me in mind of a sterile room. You will be given a select number of Lego bricks to achieve your task. Meet the conditions of the puzzle to complete the task and your Lego creation will appear in that biome exactly how you built it.

The puzzles are wildly varied in difficulty. For example, the first puzzle you come across in the game is to build a bridge. This took me an embarrassing amount of time to complete. The next dozen puzzles after that I breezed through.

Whilst Lego Brick Tales does have a story to complete, five different biomes, and collectables/quests it is the freedom to create your own solutions to puzzles and have them appear in the game that is the main hook of this title.

Final Thoughts

Lego Brick Tales is a strange beast. A real mish-mash of a game that is really hard to understand its target audience. The biomes and storyline seem to be aimed at younger gamers such as the 6-10 range. The puzzles seem to be aimed at the 10-13 range.

I can see Lego Brick Tales being best enjoyed by a parent and child duo. A game that you complete together and I find that incredibly wholesome. There aren’t enough games to be shared like this.

As a 40+year old gamer… I enjoyed Lego Brick Tales but felt it wasn’t made for me. Lego Brick Tales is a great game and will be a fantastic addition to a family of gamers. It could be an awesome way for a parent to pass on their love of Lego to their child.

Overall Score 8/10