March 29, 2023

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Lightmatter – PC Review

Brought to you by Tunnel Vision Games, Lightmatter introduces you to a world of scientific experiment gone wrong, really wrong.

By Richard Winstone

Brought to you by Tunnel Vision Games, Lightmatter introduces you to a world of scientific experiment gone wrong, really wrong.

You awaken silent and unknown in the illuminated world, Virgil the CEO of light matter industries assists you in your attempt to escape with his condescending and patronising tone, the superiority complex runs deep thought out the entire game. Your introduced to the concept of the game, “the floor is Lava” only the light is safe the dark will pull you into a void ending your life.

It is very much a successor to Portal, only in Lightmatter your tools or escape, from basic lamps to complex arrays of photon deflectors that create pathways of light. The puzzles steadily and gradually increase in complexity, but never too trying.


My first run through took about 6 hours, the second is still in progress as I try and unlock the second ending. There is plenty more to explore and find with numerous Easter eggs throughout the game. The movements is fluid and the game does require you to use the movement system to its fullest as you progress.

The story is good, you get an instant sense of hatred for Virgil, the CEO, along the way you discover audio logs, where you begin to unravel the true depths of Virgil character, along with Virgil’s witty pointers as you fumble around an area trying to find your way out.

A great pro to the game is the intelligent saving mechanic each step you take in the right direction, moving a photon deflector or a lamp it saves, so when you step into the dark (and you will step into the dark) your progress isn’t hindered particularly toward the end game.


Visually the game is good the dull colours with the occasional splash of colour to assist you on your way, the clear transition between light and dark go well with the cell-shaded design, although the shadowing where it visible is awful and did make me lose some of the emersion in the game.

There not a whole lot more to say about the game without spoiling the enjoyment of the game itself, I would have liked to haven seen additional mechanics later game, simple things like reflection of light via mirrors, as the two mechanics are fairly easy to master.

In conclusion, Lightmatter is a fun enjoyable portalesque puzzle game, with a good plot and great story telling and reasonable graphics. Its not as good as portal or antimatter but it fits into the genre quite nicely for the price point.

7.5 out of 10