Little Adventure on the Prairie – Rapid Review


Review by John “JW” Wilkie

So suckered in by a mate who suggested I try this Little Adventure on the Prairie for a laugh and at less than a pint of the good stuff I thought why not. I have played some indie titles that have turned out really good, enjoyable, surprising and even challenging. Little adventure on the prairie is none of them.

It is not fun, not enjoyable, not pleasing, not funny…. Take any positive word in any language and you will not use it. This is not a game, I am Mayo was at least funny while mashing a single button. What are you doing in this title??

Well, you are not only buying a 12 stage Broken highly un-enjoyable repetitive side scroller which you will complete in around 20minutes, but you are also wasting LITERALLY wasting your life. It’s not that Little Adventure on the Prairie is bad, It’s that it is so bad you get angry for simply owning it.

You start on the left of the screen, no story with a piss poor drawing of a character and walk to the right with 2 buttons, jump and attack. You encounter enemies that swipe at you and you swipe back. There are no mechanics, you try and jump over them in-fact jumping is fucking pointless as well and you catch their invisible barrier around the badly drawn “enemy” so you can hit them and they can’t hit you.

Little Adventure on the Prairie

The textures and graphics are something that would not look out of place on a 1 day produced mobile game. They genuinely didn’t even bother to line up the land drawing which even fucking Mario managed on the NES.

Verdict: If you want a score 0 I don’t believe in negative numbers… choose any top number you like as long as it is at least 3 digits. What a fucking waste of my time.

The good? Well, you are buying a platinum trophy that any respectable trophy hunter will point and laugh in your face for having.

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