Mango Cart – PC Review


Review by Richard Winstone

So Mango Cart is due for release on the 25th March on steam from Akri Games on steam for PC. The premise of Mango Cart is you play as a company sourcing mangos in the fictional country of Pomery to sell in the fictional country Comedia. there are some interesting mechanics involving the local governments and political parties. My first fail was when the communist got in power and seized my company for the people. The local economics play a factor such as demand for mangos, current GDP employment rates etc.

Mango Cart

Very quickly these mechanics became stale and boring allowing you to buy the government you wanted to be in power, in addition, the random event, such as having your cargo stolen, other companies accusing you of illegal activities (you can create cartels and price fix). Some components are broken, for example if you look at a bank loan but don’t take it your given the debt anyway so ending a 10 year good profit streak because of a broken mechanic sucks, the way your game can end in an instant from a random event, also you are meant to be able to make your company public after 6 years of trading, in the 3 attempts where I passed the 6th year mark I wasn’t able to do so.

Mango Cart

Mango Cart has various issues including the complete lack of sound, there is no audio at all, there is no instruction for your playthrough nothing is explained about any of the mechanics, leaving you to figure it out for yourself. There is no end game it has the potential to play for an infinite amount of time. In defence of the developer the readme notes that there are updates coming to the game.

In conclusion, this game gets old quick the random event can ruin a good run and leave a sour taste in your mouth. It is too simple and lacks any real detail. The lack of winnability or any real competition (it is very easy to outgrow your biggest competitor i 3-4 years) it just doesn’t have that “thing” that makes you want to comeback.

Overall Score – 3/10

It works but that’s its only redeeming feature.