April 1, 2023

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March's Mega PSplus Free Games are Available Now


The EU PlayStation Store has now been updated to include this months free PlayStation plus games and what a mega month it is!
PS4 subscribers get a whopping FIVE games this month as part of the monthly subscription service with two big hitters headlining the bundle.
First up is the critically acclaimed and fan loved Bloodborne. While not officially part of the Dark or  Demon Souls franchise it is widely considered in fan theories to be in the same timeline/universe and is a definite download for any gamer even if it is only to quit in frustration. At least you will finally get to see what made the franchise that spawned the term “git gud” so popular.

Next up is the much-loved action platformer / third person shooter Ratchet and Clank. A much-loved family game with a devilish amount of difficult and completion for adult gamers too. It is the polar opposite to Bloodborne and that is one of the many reasons March lineup for PS Plus is so impressive. It isn’t just two massive games but two completely different games so cater to a majority of gamers.

This month one of the PS3 games is crossplay so is also available to PS4 subscribers Which is the highly controversial and much talked about in message boards and forums across the internet Mighty No. 9.
Mighty No.9 started life as a Kickstarter campaign and was touted as a much sought after spiritual successor to the adored Megaman series. It achieved its target funding in just two days and eventually finished on over 400% of its original goal but unfortunately, that is where the good times ended.
Mighty No. 9 was highly anticipated after it was announced, but lengthy delays and Comcept’s decision to fund another project, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, through Kickstarter were met with accusations of mismanagement. The game received generally negative reception from critics upon launch, with criticism being directed towards the game’s design, graphics, content, voice acting, story, and technical performance.

Up next for PS3 owners only is Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition. A game I have never come across before but is described on the PSN store as:
10 years after its initial release, Legend of Kay – Anniversary is a thoroughly remastered version of the original game: high-resolution textures new, more detailed character models modern rendering techniques and crystal-clear surround sound give this great classic a new shine.
Experience the unique blend of Martial Arts-combat, action adventure, Jump ‘n’ Run and puzzle solving
Meet, befriend or fight loads of quirky animal characters like Gorillas, Rats, Foxes, Hares, Pandas and Frogs
Learn to master various weapons and special skills to defeat hordes of well-armed enemies
Confront huge bosses to test your Martial Arts skills
Discover and secure the treasures of the demons’ underworld
Explore a world inspired by the threats and beauties of ancient China, by foot, well, paw, or on the back of a wild boar, a wolf or even a dragon

First up for the PS Vita is a crossover title for the PS4 also. Claire: Extended cut a pixelated survival 2D horror game from Hailstorm Games.  I’ll be totally honest here and say I have never heard of this but the trailer is intriguing and I shall definitely be trying it out.
finally to round off the month we have Bombing Busters. This is a Vita / PS4 crossover also so is available for PS4 subscribers as well. Bombing Busters is essentially a Bomberman clone and that is no bad thing at all!
With 30 mazes set over 5 worlds each with its own boss battle, A single player campaign, 4 players offline or 8 players online multiplayer we can see this game quickly becoming a favourite in Stoffel Tower.

This month is definitely one an amazing month for PS Plus not just in its quality of games but its wide-ranging genres. Every single one of the games (except Bloodborne, that game beat me long ago) has me excited to explore. play and enjoy. This has got to be one of the strongest months for PS Plus in a long time for those who don’t have PSVR.
What do you think of this months PlayStation Plus offerings? Are you excited or disappointed? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below