Meet The Stream Team!


You have heard their disembodied voices on the stream but now you can get to know The Stream Team a bit better…I don’t know why you would want to I mean I know them and I wish I didn’t.

The Mighty Badger

Meet the Stream Team

The founder of Stoffel Presents, Our fearless leader and often quite incompetent gamer.
His hair is always changing colour but he is easily recognisable by his trusty Stetson and ever-present Trenchcoat. Badger is rarely seen without a beer in his hand and is often heard shouting profanities at other members of The Stream Team.

Leader…yes, Glorious?…oh hell no.

The Soulless One

Meet the Stream Team

The Soulless one, AKA Ginner… also known as Marc Smith. His favourite genres of games are RPGs, Racing and good old classic shoot em ups.

He is, however, willing to play anything as long as it entails a good old laff.
He has been gaming since before he could walk and from the start, he did not take any prisoners. Bowser was his first victim and there have been plenty of others along the way 


Born with a pad in hand we have the quiet one of the group DarkRiot.

Not a master gamer by any stretch of the imagination but more gaming experience than anyone else in the team, he’s forgotten more than most people know about gaming and with a childhood nickname of Grandad it’s obvious the memory problems started early! 

Member of the console crew I review mainly PS4 titles and also a few mobile games while keeping an eye out for my retro classics, horrors and rpgs which will always be my favourite games. 

Failing that I also try my hand at racing games and puzzlers to try keeping the grey cells from getting any greyer! 

Catch you on the streams guys and gals!

The Hive Hound

Amidst the madness of this world, a shining beacon of hope, the tranquillity, the glass is always full, TheHiveZen (aka TheHiveHound) Is known for his complements to poor game play and fully appreciates his inferiors’ efforts during game play………… Unless he throwing so much verbal abuse at them even Jimmy Carr would blush that it. A true antagonist who has found a home and his equals with this bunch of no good swine’s.  

I have been a gamer since before I remember, the days of typing code into a dragon and rewinding my cassette tapes for my commodore 64 bring back euphoric memories. I along with Tiki met Badger back in the very early glory days of Destiny Leading this rag tag bunch with my Clan TheHive, just ask Badger about the “BEASTMODE” incident.

I have no preference games are games and play them all from FPS, Racing, MORPS name it and it’s in my library. PC master race and console peasant, I don’t discriminate (on a platform at least), I’m also known for my fantastic life advice, Step aside DEIDRE, send in your problems and maybe you get another “Live With Hive” agony uncle extraordinaire.