March 30, 2023

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Super Lucky is about to get physical

Microsoft & THQ Nordic Sign A Deal To Publish 5 Games On PC Physically & On Steam


Microsoft have signed a new partnership with THQ Nordic to distribute physical PC copies of some of their games.  The following 5 games will have physical copies releasing on disc at retailers on 14 September 2018:


•Super Lucky’s Tale

•Recore: Definitive Edition

•Disneyland Adventures

•Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure

•Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection


Super Lucky is about to get physical with your PC


In somewhat more shocking news Microsoft & THQ Nordic will also be publishing these 5 games on Steam.  Phil Spencer said during their E3 2018 briefing they were going to be putting Xbox games on as many devices as possible but I didn’t think that would mean a rival PC digital distribution platform.  None the less it is good news for gamers as more places to buy the game digitally is a good thing especially if you prefer to stay in the Steam ecosystem where the majority of your other games are from third party publishers.



These Xbox games, like Recore here, are also getting a Steam release.


This move begs the question whether other games from Microsoft which are at the moment exclusive to Xbox One and/or Windows 10 will also see physical & Steam releases for the PC.  Like Cuphead & Ori & The Blind Forest for example, although both of those games  are available on Steam already.  Certainly more places for you to buy these games is a good thing for gamers and for Microsoft, THQ & Valve as they will reach a larger audience.


Cuphead is already available on Steam but will it get a physical release?