June 7, 2023

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Supercross 3

Monster energy Supercross 3 – PS4 Review

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Video Game 3 (well that title is a mouth full!) from Milestone well put together, visually stunning and great fun but bloody hell it's difficult!
by Badger Nimahson

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game 3 (well that title is a mouth full!) from Milestone well put together, visually stunning and great fun but bloody hell it’s difficult!

It’s no secret that I’m not the best when it comes to racing games but by Nimah! Supercross 3 ( That’s it’s name for the rest of this article) is unforgiving.

Supercross 3


Like any sport game there isn’t really much of a story here. You create your rider, pick your bike manufacturer and enter into the Official 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season, 

“With 100 riders from both the 450SX and 250SX Classes, 15 official stadiums and tracks. For the very first time in the series, players will finally have the chance to become a teammate of their favorite Supercross rider, choosing between a sponsor team or an Official Supercross Team of the 2019 Championship.

Your aim of course is to become the best of the best. Or in my case make everyone else look better by being completely and utterly useless.

I am in no way criticising Supercross 3! I know nothing of Supercross. Have never watched Supercross but no I want to if only to understand how to stop coming bloody last!

This is a great thing for a game in my opinion. Anyone can pick it up and play it but only those who know and understand Supercross will succeed.

Supercross 3


Milestone have put a lot of hard work into updating the graphics in Supercross 3 from that of it’s predecessor and fair play to them it looks great.

Everything from the tracks to the lighting, the riders to the fireworks all look great. Tied into the soundtrack, intuitive controls and the frustration of gameplay and it all blends together for a surprisingly immersive experience.

“Developers worked hard to improve several technical aspects that will impact both graphics and the overall gameplay experience. Rider and secondary character models have been completely re-made from scratch with photo scanning that now feature a new set of animations. Tracks are now more alive, thanks to revised particles of fireworks, flames, dry and wet ground that are more detailed and realistic.”


As I mentioned above Supercross 3 is surprisingly immersive. fast, competitive tournaments blended seamlessly with the tracks and music soon have you lost in the race and screaming at your TV.

The controls are extremely intuitive. To the point that you barely register what you are pressing and race purely on instinct.

My problem is I know absolutley nothing about Supercross so my instinct was spent just trying to stay on the bike. Timing acceleration and shifting your weight are key in the game I have found.

Unfortunately I also found that the foam blocks marking out the track are deadlier than anything ever known to man. Seriously just touch one slightly and you are thrown clean of your bike and free falling down the pack.

Supercross 3


Monster Energy Supercross – The Offical Video Game 3 might have an absolutely ridiculous title but is in fact an extremely competent and well put together game. As a complete Supercross noob and someone who is admittedly crap at racing games I found myself getting extremely invested and frustrated.

I can only surmise that if you are indeed a fan of Supercross then you will absolutely adore Supercross 3. It is a fun game for the casual to pick up but seems to have a whole other level of depth that only the discerning fan can appreciate.

A massive upgrade on it’s predecessor and a surprisingly immersive title

Overall Score – 7/10