April 1, 2023

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Moto GP 20

Moto GP 20

On the back of the success of MotoGP 19, comes the highly anticipated MotoGP 20. With the new release comes new features and the comeback of old favourites
by Ed Gray

On the back of the success of MotoGP 19, comes the highly anticipated MotoGP 20. With the new release comes new features and the comeback of old favourites such as the Managerial Career Mode.
Being released earlier than usual, MotoGP is going to be available on all platforms so that fans all over the networks are able to join in the fun.

The latest release comes with many upgrades and updates to the game play as well as the technical side of things. The scenery and graphics have been remodelled so that they are as realistic as can be. You have more control of the customisation of the bikes, down to bike parts included.
The physics, aerodynamics and brake graphics have all been worked upon even down to the finest details.

Not only is there a new game for your faces. There is also a new Esports MotoGP Championship which is now entering its 4th Season, so there is also that to look forward to.

Now into the actual review. We have my review as well as my brother-in-law’s review who has been staying with us throughout this pandemic, so social distancing has been put in place and no one has been put into danger! We thought it would be good to get a younger point of view as well as mine as there is a generation gap and I will have played some of the older games compared to him who would only really know about the last few years of games.

Moto GP 20

Let us start with the brother in law’s review, as it is short and sweet:

MotoGP 20 was a fun experience. The game ran very smoothly and there was loads of different things you could do, anything from customising characters to actual races. The graphics were incredible, such high quality and the details were bold and noticeable. Also, the sound quality is so accurate to what the bikes sound like in real life, for example when you hand-braked it sounded exactly like it would in real life. The game is extremely easy to use thanks to the easy menus and tips when they are given on the loading screen. I would 100% recommend this game to literally anyone! Personally, bike games not my cuppa tea but this was different I had a different experience with the game and other people will too. I give this game a 9/10.

So, there we have it. That is what this generation of 18-year olds think of the game.

Moto GP 20

Now into my actual review:

From the get-go, there are loads of customisation available for career mode. You can customise your rider, bike, stickers, numbers, everything. So, you will spend quite a bit of time putting preparation into the game before you even start it.

Starting the game and navigating around the menus are easy to navigate and not very confusing at all. You can understand what you need to do and how to get there.
When deciding which career mode to go into and championships, you have the choice of 2, 3 and GP. So if you are a beginner, no need to panic, MotoGP have you covered! Or maybe you just want to play from the beginning. The choice is entirely yours.

Looking at the graphics, they are amazing! Exactly what you would imagine for a game of this popularity. A lot of work and thought has gone into this game. Every little detail is covered.

The game is very realistic too. (Apart from when you’ve come off your bike and you have gone spinning under cars and you’re sitting up as you do so…) If you fall off your bike and damage your bike, it will affect the movements and running of the bike until you repair it.

Moto GP 20

Fuel consumption is realistic too! So keep an eye on it otherwise you will run out just before the finish line. You don’t want that to happen if you are just about to win either! Your whole career could depend on it!

Staying on the path of graphics and designs, gameplay is very unforgiving. If you make the tiniest mistake, you will know about it and more than likely lose control of the bike, saying that, when you come off the bike, the ragdoll physics are amazing! I spent a good five minutes laughing at how you get flung about when you come off the bike.

I played this game on PS4, but I am primarily an XBOX player (yes, I have all platforms of consoles) and I found that the controls are clunky. How ever this could be because I am not used to the PS4 controller like I am the XBOX controllers. I also think it could be a little to do with being so early on in the game and I have not managed to upgrade parts on the bike as of yet so it is essentially a starters bike which I would imagine to be very clunky also.

I am still very early on in the game and I think I could see myself getting addicted to it and playing it quite often.

I would recommend it if you are a fan of the Motor series. Especially ones that have a story mode that you can build on.
From what I have played so far of the game, I personally would give it a 6/10 but it does have a potential to go up higher.