March 29, 2023

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My Brother Rabbit Launching On 21 September 2018


My Brother Rabbit is an upcoming adventure and puzzle game from the creative minds over at Artifex Mundi.  The game has a very nice art style and from what I have seen looks like it will have similar gameplay to point and click adventures albeit with a bit more direct control over the characters.  Artifex Mundi have announced My Brother Rabbit will be launching on 21 September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac OS.


Here is an excerpt taken from the game’s official description by it’s creators:


“After their beloved daughter falls ill, a family hopes to restore her health with the treatment she needs. Her caring older brother wants to help however he can and turns to the power of imagination and wonder to help take her mind off serious matters. While life appears dreary and cruel, the fantastic and surreal world conjured up by the children offers a wonderful reprieve.


In the siblings’ land of make-believe, a sweet little rabbit takes care of his friend flower, who recently became afflicted by a strange sickness. To reach those who can heal her, he sets out on a journey that requires both a keen eye and smart thinking. Collect hidden objects including butterflies, insectoid lightbulbs, and other items and apply them to the riddles hiding throughout the world.”


You can read the full description on the Artifex Mundi official website.





According to Artifex Mundi, My Brother Rabbit’s gorgeous hand drawn landscapes are inspired by the works of Dali and the surreality of them is underscored by the music in the game.  I do love a bit of surrealism in my game’s artistic direction so this sounds right up my street!  Here is a quote from one of the developers:


“We feel that players will form a bond with the children in My Brother Rabbit because of their enduring spirit,” said Tomasz Grudziński, CEO at Artifex Mundi. “Though this story begins with a tragedy, these children always hope for a brighter future.”






Stay tuned for our full review coming soon to Stoffel Presents closer to My Brother Rabbit’s release on 21 September when they expect the game to launch for a suggested retail price of $14.99.  Until then you can enjoy the latest trailer below.