March 28, 2023

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Narcos Coming To Console And PC!


Narcos, a Netflix created series that concentrates solely on the life of Pablo Escobar, has been commissioned for a video – game adaptation. The highly rated show will be coming to consoles and PC as soon as next year.

Narcos, as a series, has received positive reviews from critics and has in turn, been commissioned for a fourth season, which will be released later this year. At one point in 2017, Narcos was the most watched show on Netflix, which proves there is an audience for the game.
Netflix has been battling for years with Amazon Prime and Hulu but took top spot as the most popular streaming service of 2017. It was announced that Netflix occupied a staggering 75% of US streaming from a household.

The game will be created by Kuju, which is another part of Curve Digital, who have recently acquired the license for Narcos. Their aim is to create a game that matches the pace and intensity of the series, with a compelling storyline and edge of the seat action.
I for one am a fan of the Narcos series, and am interested in how the game will look and feel. For me, the element of Spanish throughout the series is a trademark, and needs to be integrated into this project.

Narcos the game should be released in 2019, allowing time for Kuju to perfect it, and we will be keeping up to date with any new advancements. Are you a fan of Narcos? How do you feel about a Narcos game and what kind of elements need to be included? We at Stoffel Presents would love to hear your thoughts.