Neuroslicers – PGC London 2020

by Badger Niamhson

Next up on the King’s list of stand out indie games from Pocket Gamers Connect London 2020 is Neuroslicers. A cyberpunk Real Time Strategy game from developer Dream Harvest

NeuroSlicers is a cyberpunk RTS that focuses on high level tactical play, 8-12 minute edge of your seat matches, epic level objectives to fight over, boss battles and deep customisation packaged into a narrative driven campaign that synergises / combines solo, co-op and pvp gameplay into a modern take on the genre with the player’s journey and choices at the centre. Control clever AI powered units, use powerful hacking abilities that allow you to manipulate the levels and spawn advanced weaponry and buildings that allow you to take over the network one data node at time.

The first thing that drew The King to Neuroslicers was its graphics and artwork “Graphically this does not look like an indie game! it looks beautiful and the art work is equally as great”


The idea for Neuroslicers came about after an internal game jam at Dream Harvest as they explain on their website.

NeuroSlicers started life as an internal game jam game developed by Milcho Milchev, our lead designer and gameplay programmer. Initially the game was in 2D with the simple mechanic of being able to place or remove squares from a grid based battle board where two teams of little Ai controlled bots would fight it out. The player’s objective was to manipulate the battle board by placing and removing these blocks in order to change the behaviours and path-finding of the bots and get them to be strategically placed so that they could destroy the other team before the player’s team died. It all centred around placement, timing and positioning. It was simple, yet elegant and we very quickly realised we were onto something special.Since the first prototype we have continued to keep the AI controlled units and battle-board manipulation at the core of the game’s experience while expanding on it immensely. This has culminated in a real time strategy game that feels truly fresh, exciting yet challenging, but most importantly a lot of fun to play.

Neuroslicers is currently in development for PC and is looking towards a 2022 release date. If you would like to know more about Neuroslicers or be kept up to date on it’s development you can find links to their discord and sign up for the newsletter over at the games official website.

In the mean time Stoffel Presents will be sure to bring you any news we receive about Neuroslicers and the rest of Dream Harvest’s upcoming titles.

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