March 30, 2023

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New Earthfall Gameplay & Interview With A Developer On Inside Xbox

Earth Fall is looking good in this new video from Inside Xbox and will receive free DLC post launch.

Earthfall is a new indie 4 player online co-op game that is very heavily inspired by Valve’s classic Left 4 Dead series.  The developers have even said “It’s Left 4 Dead but with aliens” in a brief way of explaining the game to fans.  The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and the graphics look very good especially for a £24.99 indie title.

Unlike Left 4 Dead the developers have said there will be a story for players to play through together as any of the four main characters.  There are 10 missions and Holospark said they have designed them to be highly replayable to keep players coming back to the game again and again.
Following other recent games and the current trend in the industry to keep players together and not be segregated by who owns specific content, the developers are also make all post launch DLC content free for everyone.  They have said cosmetic items may be sold to support it’s development like so many other games are doing right now.


The game certainly looks a lot of fun and I hope I get the chance to play it myself.  Earthfall launches tomorrow, Friday 13 July 2018, on Xbox One, PS4 & PC.