Nintendo Announce Switch LITE… That we announced 2 weeks ago


Article By Jonathan Wilkie

When I first started writing for Stoffel, I was told 2 things.  Firstly be myself because honesty and integrity are paramount and secondly as news is somewhat of my thing, I needed to have it confirmed by at least a credible source or two. 

On June 27th I published a news roundup of June.  It was a snippet article so it wouldn’t drone on and everyone could be given the headlines for the month and then, in turn, could head over to our discord and discuss it more with our team of reviewers, writers and news editors or research it themselves.

You will see that paragraph 7 is called Nintendo switching up a gear where I said that we will be seeing two new versions of the Switch one of which will be the Nintendo Switch LITE version.  Skip ahead 2 weeks and the biggest and baddest are reporting it, 2 weeks after we told you.

Nintendo Switch Lite
(Image property of Nintendo and is used under fair use policy)

Coming out Friday 20th September, The Nintendo Switch Lite marked at around £160 its function is to give a cheaper entry-level into the Nintendo world.  What is surprising is well…it seems a little bit naughty as according to Nintendo’s Blurb:

“If a game supports Joy-Con functions such as HD rumble, IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con motion sensors, some features will not be available using Nintendo Switch Lite alone. Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) are required to use these features”.

It worries me then for the likes of the hugely successful Pokémon and other titles how much are the entry-level joy-cons are going to cost on top of the £160 price tag.  It also does NOT support output to TV but carries pretty much the same specs as the base level switch. You can find the full Nintendo breakdown here

IN OTHER NEWS:  Xbox Germany made a fantasy announcement into a final mistake…

Got to thank my brother Tiki in Stoffel presents for this one, these kinds of stories I can miss but this really did tickle me…

Xbox Germany made an amazing gaff by announcing final fantasy VII remake would hit Xbox in March 2020 on the same day as PS4, which made them look incredibly silly, As it has only been announced on the PS4 and although it has been said it will be available on other consoles in the future no date was given. 

Suffice to say it has been swiftly removed so naturally, it’s all over the internet (do these companies not release that on occasion you draw more attention removing it than a quick edit) but anyway just goes to show that even those at the top can make a mistake.

Thanks all for the continued support, find me and the team over on our discord if you ever want more information on what I publish.  Then find us in all the usual hangouts… Peace.

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