June 7, 2023

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Office Quest

Office Quest – Nintendo Switch Review

The Office Quest is a game that proves not all heroes wear capes, some prefer fluffy onesies.

Review by Kerith Busby

The Office Quest is a game that proves not all heroes wear capes, some prefer fluffy onesies. This is a point and click adventure which has been developed and published by 11sheep, when this game was sent to me, I will admit I had not heard much about it so I did a bit of research to see what it was all about.

At first glance, the game can look kind of bland with the dreary backdrop of the office but trust me the is so much more to the game! I have played through all 4 chapters of the game and I was really impressed with it, there are a lot of different puzzles and riddles to solve to keep your eyes peeled for clues in the background as you move through the areas.

 There is not really any sort of tutorial but then again you don’t really need one with a game like this as I have already stated it is a point and click adventure, you can play it in handheld mode and just tap the screen or you can use the joy cons while removed from the console (docked or otherwise) I have to admit I find the touch screen easier but using the joy cons you have a pointer that turns into a hand when you float over something you can interact with so both have their benefits to the play styles.

The Office Quest

The Office Quest is a game that will use your problem solving, your observation and your patience in order to find your way out of the office. Use these skills to trick, bribe or earn things required on your quest of freedom from the boring humdrum of the office you want to escape. You will find some co- workers helpful and others will just plain give you a headache, so I guess that they have captured the feeling of every work place

You will need to grab any items, coins or tools that you find on your way because you never know when you might need it to help you through a tough situation, the game is very good at giving you clues and leaving patterns lying around in game for you to spot and take note of as you will probably need them in the next screen so watch everything on screen and look for these clues.

After playing this through and experiencing all it has to offer and seen the wide range of characters you interact with I can understand why it’s been received so positively on other platforms before now and I think it is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch, it will make you laugh, it will annoy you and other times you will wonder what is going on but you also wont want to put it down especially at £10.99 it is going to give you hours of fun for not a massive amount of money.

Overall Score – 8/10