March 29, 2023

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Onrush – Open Beta Date Anounced


Koch Media announced earlier today that Codemasters upcoming Arcade battle racer will get a public beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 17th.
The OPEN BETA goes LIVE at 2pm (UK Time) on Thursday 17th May and concludes on Sunday 20th May at midnight (UK Time) on Xbox One and PS4. Also, those players who pre-order Onrush on PS4 will get access to the beta a full 48hours earlier on the 15th May!
In addition to this anyone who pre- orders Onrush from participating retailers such as Game, Amazon, Tesco and Smyths Toys will also get access to the Onrush beta from the 15th may.
The Onrush beta seems to be pretty packed as well. Here is a list below of everything included in the beta:
Interactive tutorial
Superstar Practice (Solo or co-op with friends!)
6 v 6 Online Multiplayer
Photo mode (Only available in solo Superstar Practice)
Big Dune Beach
Crater Lake