March 29, 2023

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Operencia: The stolen sun – Xbox one review


Review by PeetyPoos

Operencia is an old school styled RPG dungeon crawler with a twist this is first person set in the fantasy world Operencia brought to us by zen studios.

In the game there are 13 levels to challenge and to get though, with each level bringing beautiful scenery and level design, as you develop though out the game you meet 7 companions that assist you on way though out this game and rescue the lands sun.


As every good RPG game has LOOT and MORE LOOT! As you earn LOOT from beating the endless crazy mythology inspired enemies, as you beat these creatures you equip your treasures and build your character and their companions. As you gain XP to level up you gain points to put into your attributes and skills as you would expect from any RPG.

The combat in Operencia is fast paced and I found it to be very fluid, the combat is turn-based but within that there are 3 different types off attacks to choose between melee, ranged and magic attacks. I played as the ranged attacker the archer which played well with the mage and magical attacks that buffs you and debuff towards the enemies with elements such as frost, fire and lightning.


As you explore in Operencia in tile-based exploration each level has numerous puzzles which you need to complete to be able to advance in the level. The puzzles are very well designed each puzzle being challenging and making you think out of the box, to slaying giant monsters for tokens or finding magic seals on walls.

Overall, Operencia has great story telling elements you as the main character and how you interact with your companions and the banter they have around the fireplace as you save your game and rest up your health and energy points, art work is beautiful the combat is great.


The only things I didn’t like about Operencia was, some off the puzzles seemed to random choice which seemed slow down game progress and just be more off a hindrance. A detail I feel I should mention is my companions seemed to have a better choice off skills and abilities available to them compared to you as the main player which was disappointing to see but I guess it is just a mechanic of the game and story.

All in all a solid game in you’re a fan of these style of games 8/10