PC Players Raise Money to Save Historic Submarine

by Badger Nimahson

Wargaming has partnered with Muskogee War Memorial Park to raise money to repair the USS Batfish, which experienced extensive damage due to flooding earlier this year. The USS Batfish was integral to naval warfare in WWII, sinking 15 Japanese ships, including three Japanese submarines in just 76 hours, making her the most successful submarine killing sub in history.

World of Warship players now have the opportunity to donate $10 to help restore the USS Batfish by purchasing the ‘Save the Batfish’ bundle via the in-game store.

Donating $10 to restore the famous submarine will see players rewarded with items which include eight Dragon Flags and a combat patch similar to the patch worn by the sailors who served on the submarine.

USS Batfish before flood damage
USS Batfish before flood damage

“Working to preserve these ships and their history is part of our mission to ensure future generations can fully understand and remember those who served,” said Ray Hazlip, Regional Publishing Producer at Wargaming  “Our community has shown us how passionate they are about preserving naval history as two years ago they raised approximately $300,000 to restore the USS Texas.”

The goal is to help the museum reach $150,000 to cover repairs, which include sandblasting, painting, relocation, a new stabilisation platform, and interior floor tiles and gauges which were all damaged by the water.

The submarine is an important piece of WWII naval history that the museum wants to protect for future generations.  

USS Batfish after flood damage
USS Batfish after flood damage

“To those who do not see it, the Batfish represents a weird roadside attraction dedicated to crazy sailors who wanted to honor their lost friends. To the inquisitive mind with an eye for history, a visitor can learn about the value of service, the impact that the United States Submarine Force had on the war in the pacific,” explained Brent Trout, Executive Director of the Muskogee War Memorial Park. “Simply put, our World War II submarine museums are in danger. Some of them are well funded and in the right place, but others are in jeopardy of being scrapped. Protecting the USS Batfish means saving history and protecting the sacrifice of every sailor who called a submarine home.”  

Donations will be taken through GoFundMe as well as in the game.

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