February 1, 2023

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Pillars of eternity

Pillars of eternity

With one last idea, they brought forth the concept for Pillars of Eternity. After it was announced as an idea it was put on on kick starter.

Review By Leemo

On October 19th, 2010, Obsidian entertainment released what is now know as possibly the best fallout game to date.

When first released it was filled with bugs and glitches making it nigh-on impossible to play, but a few tweaks here and there made it a very, very good game.

With this in mind, initial thoughts were that every subsequent title brought forth by Obsidian would be held to the same standard. Unfortunately, this was not the case, after a string of failures and low popularity titles the developer was brought to their knees.

With one last idea, they brought forth the concept for Pillars of Eternity. After it was announced as an idea it was put on on kick starter and on the very first day it raised one million do dahs.

Pillars of eternity

Obsidian’s version of gameplay isn’t just run and gun or run and sword(?). Think back to the old school games of a legend like, for example, baulders gate. This is exactly where Pillars comes into the Pillars of Eternity.

PoE has a massive world of information for you to explore at will. Each character you meet and talk to has a history and a future, they all have likes and dislikes. Anything you do will affect the relationship you’ve built with them.

After you’ve spent a few hours looking through all the different classes and colours or what your character’s voice sounds like you’re ready to begin your adventure. With a birds-eye view is how you’ll traverse the world.

You begin the game as part of a caravan when a spirit wind (biawac) destroys it. After witnessing a strange ritual performed by cultists you gain power: the power of the watchers.

Pillars of eternity

However, this new power will make you go mad, ultimately killing you. So your quest, if you choose to accept it, is to seek out a cure for your malady and right the wrongs you will see on your way.

As for combat and fighting PoE can take a little getting used to. If you’re familiar with old school titles like baulders gate then no worries it will be like second nature to you.

If not then worry not, you can pause the game at any time and give specific orders to any member of your little tribe. If you find yourself overpowered then feel free to fast forward the combat and similarly if you feel underpowered slow it down.

If you feel like you need more help then there is a very easy to understand tutorial page.

Whilst the combat is fun the true meat of the game lies in its storytelling, lore, and choices. Choices in this game have a powerful impact on the rest of the game some you won’t even realize until a few hours later.

Pillars of eternity

Everything you do has a consequence be it big or small. Once you’ve ventured far enough into the world you’ll acquire the stronghold.

This will become your new home, it will house everything you need from your party to various shops and even a wardens lodge where you can take on various missions to hunt down hard monsters/enemies.

Whilst out adventuring the wilds the people you will encounter and the choices you’ll make will make for an epic adventure. I have yet to complete it and I’m 93 hours in with no sign of an ending yet.

Nintendo Switch docked wise it plays exactly the same as it does on the Xbox so no worries there. As with all games like this, it’s always best to play on a pc, that said it’s very good on the switch.

Pillars of eternity

Final thoughts: it’s great, it feels like a treat to play. The story, lore, and characters are all staggeringly well written. The map is huge and exploration (while pretty much demanded) is extremely well rewarded.

My one and only one criticism are the loading times. Walking through a town or village can become tiresome simply because of the 30 second loading times. Overall though, Pillars of Eternity is fantastic, a joy to play and explore.

My score given is a really well deserved 8.5/10

You can pick it up from the switch store for £44.99

My advice: get it.