March 28, 2023

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Project Winter

Project Winter

Project winter is a survival game with a focus on social deception into the mix, this fantastic idea for a game has been developed by the people at Other ocean interactive.

Review By Kerith Busby

Project winter is a survival game with a focus on social deception into the mix, this fantastic idea for a game has been developed by the people at Other ocean interactive.

In Project winter you play as one of 8 survivors where you will need to use all your skills in crafting and gathering resources, communications and work together to be able to survive until you can get rescued, sounds simple right? Wrong… you will need to all work together to gather the resources needed to repair the radio’s, power station and rescue beacon in order to call one of the different rescue vehicles that can come for you.

Amongst the group of survivors, there will be 2 traitors who spend the entire game smashing things, hiding things, delaying vital repairs or just full blown killing the other people on the team.

They will get special air drops for completing their missions to sabotage the rest of you and they will have special crates that they can find and open, though they will make a lot of noise when opened so keep an ear out for them.

There are a couple of ways you can communicate to your team which as local area speak so basically like speaking or shouting to those around you, so keep that in mind when a traitor is trying to beat you to death in the middle of a blizzard.

Project Winter

You can also build different colour radios that you can use to speak over a distance, but remember you need the same colour radios to hear each other or it won’t work.

Finally, there is the ever-dependable text box which although does help can be slow down what happens in the game and leaves you unable to defend your self from bears and wolves while you sit typing.

The crafting system in the game is nice and simple to get to grips with and it is all easy to see what is needed to make the different items you will need to progress or defend yourself.

There are also lots of bunkers dotted around which will require a certain amount of people to open but will reward you with supply crates with varying levels of usefulness depending on what you want to do.

You will need to keep an eye on your health, warmth and hunger as you play to ensure you don’t die an early death if you don’t keep on top of your hunger and warmth it will eat away at your health so be warned.

There is always fire at the cabin to warm back up (unless someone extinguished it, Bloody traitors) or you can build campfires to use while out exploring and gathering.

Project Winter

There is a lot of customisation option for your characters that you can unlock as well which can be done via achieving certain things like crafting 10 radios or via random loot crate drops, you can buy the loot crates with the in-game currency that you earn by playing the game.

It gives you credits just for being logged in, the longer you survive, the more you gather and everything like that but everything it gives you is cosmetic anyway so there is no panic about people have a leg up on you.

Project Winter has a decent amount of gameplay to offer as you never know what resources your going to need from one game to the next, plus you never know if you will be playing as a survivor or as a traitor so it will always keep you on your toes.

All of this along with the fact it’s all human players and no bots means there is a lot of replay value to the game as well. I am sure a few people who have read my reviews are thinking this is all positive what’s going on he hasn’t said anything negative yet, I’m coming to that don’t worry.

The player base, that’s the only real issue I have encountered so far with the game. Surprisingly the issue is not that it is a toxic player base as you would expect with a survival game, in fact, the players have been great and really helpful to new players to the game which is handy as there isn’t much of a​tutorial so to speak of.

Project Winter

The issue is there just isn’t enough of them, don’t get me wrong I was getting into games within about 10 mins at most when playing but you can tell there are not that many active players at the moment which is a massive shame.

So, my verdict on Project Winter, it’s worth playing especially at the price of £12.39 (normally £15.490 which it currently is on steam but maybe talk to your friends and a few of you all get it and have a right laugh on it. You need a min of 5 players for a game to take a page from my book and go harass your mates to buy it like I am.

Overall score – 6/10

highly enjoyable just needs more active users which if it had I would have given it an 8/10