March 30, 2023

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PS Plus Subscription Slashed By 25%

Sony just slashed the price of a 12 month PS Plus subscription by 25%

Following on from yesterday’s news that PlayStation Plus, the monthly online access and free game subscription service from Sony, will be removing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games from its monthly offerings in March 2019 Sony have just slashed the price of a yearly subscription by a whopping 25%
As of 10am this morning, the PlayStation EU store has dropped the yearly subscription price from £49.99 to £37.49 that is amazing value for money when you consider that the free games for March are BloodBorne and Ratchet and Clank.

The Sony Europe press release states:
“The offer is available on PlayStation(TM)Store from 10AM GMT on Friday, 2nd March to 10AM GMT on Friday, 23rd March. This offer will also be available at participating retailers in select SIEE markets.
PlayStation Plus boasts more than 31.5 million paid members around the world with exclusive features and benefits including PS4 online multiplayer, two PS4 games each month including Bloodborne(TM) (Metacritic: 92) and Ratchet & Clank (Metacritic: 85) available starting on 6th March, exclusive discounts and 10GB of online storage for game saves.”
It also worth bearing in mind that the purchase of a new 12-month subscription will “stack” with your current one so, for example, you have 9 months left for your PS Plus to expire by purchasing the subscription today at the sale price you will have a year and 9 months left on your subscription.
What do you think of Sony recent changes to PlayStation Plus and this surprise price drop? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below