March 30, 2023

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PS5 Let’s Talk: The Facts, The Rumours Minus the Clickbait


I’ve avoided reporting on the PS5 to wait for facts. Now it is time with the Sony Playstation 5 being announced releasing in Holiday 2020… For your evidence and comparison, here is a piece I wrote back on March 11th 2019 Let’s see just how accurate we were…

This is not the PS5…


NAME confirmed: The most amazing news is the name… it’s called the PlayStation 5 or PS5. So nice when it’s kept simple eh?

Release Confirmed: As Holiday 2020. I predict it to tie around Thanksgiving on November 28th so first week or second week of December.

LOOKS Rumour: it’s not confirmed at all. There are some drawings floating about including the one above, but the most popular one that is floating everywhere I have put below. The reality is that this is likely to be a DEV kit PS5. The DEV KIT consoles tend to look nothing like the actual console for several reasons, mainly because they have not decided on its design before games are being made for the console. Things such as cooling, fan placement come later. The “V” design is based on a filed SONY patent and is a mocked-up image done by someone who has read the patent.

This is not the PS5 either…

HARDWARE (& What it means)

Mark Cerny lead system Architect of the PS4… WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!

CONFIRMED: Ok so I am going to give you everything from the legend that is Mark Cerny said in full summary. Names of components can be impressive but doesn’t say what it does. The PS5 is going to have the power of a good gaming PC in today’s standard. Far more powerful than the PS4. Ray tracing is new which gives incredibly realistic lighting effects better than anything we have seen on a console EVER. 8k Graphic support is there but whether it will be true or upscale is not confirmed. We can predict true 4k with upscale to 8k. The new console has a 4K Blu Ray Player. It Will be Backwards compatible with the PS4. It has a new SSD which load’s games much faster. Spiderman was measured from loading in 15 seconds on the PS4 to 0.8 on the PS5 19x times faster.

What else do we know?

Games should be smaller with components of a game able to be deleted. If a title has a campaign and multiplayer aspect you will be able to delete the multiplayer or campaign aspect. If you want space and If the developer supports it.

Some games will be released Cross – Generation. We at Stoffel Presents hope will work better than last time (Call Of Duty Ghosts….didn’t).

The controller will be heavier but not necessarily have better battery life. Adaptive triggers such as what SCUF currently use where you can adjust the resistance of the triggers are confirmed. In addition haptic feedback making more immersive feedback than the old rumbles. USB type C or the (any which way around charger leads) are supported . There are no design drawings out of the controller as of yet.

Let’s cover the more popular unsubstantial rumours:

Let’s get it out of the way quickly:

It is NOT a digital-only console. Current PSVR WILL still work on it. It is NOT releasing in a standard and pro edition. Backwards compatibility is not ALL PlayStation systems (at time of print). The controller is not confirmed to have a touch screen. There is absolutely no idea of launch price as of yet.

So What did Stoffel Presents Get right in March?

Stoffel Presents rightly told you in the article in March the PS5 would be announced not just the month of October. We actually stated it would be the second week. We rightly predicted a push to online services with Mark Cerny quoted as saying we are “cloud-based pioneers”. Knowing this with a little reported update to the PS4 cloud storage system, we reported this in February when the storage was increased 10 fold. We also rightly predicted the revamp of the PS NOW service. Other rumours hot on the times we debunked were a cartridge system and the backwards capability to all systems. We do this through a genuine love of gaming and hours of research. To bring you the most heavily weighted rumours or breaking news as we confirm credentials. No Clickbait, only news.

Thanks for reading 🙂