March 28, 2023

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Punching Babies – Kickstarter card game review


Review by Kerith Busby

Punching babies is a 2 player card game currently being crowd funded on Kickstarter as we speak from a gent called Dan Sterling who owns and runs Dan Sterling games, even though the game only went on to Kickstarter on June 3rd we kindly got sent a copy by Dan to use at our games club. The idea of this game is that 2 heavy weight babies take to the ring to fight where one will leave, then the other will leave once it wakes up from its fight and possible power nap after but who knows for sure.

Punching babies

So, when the game first arrived, I had to take a look at the cards which have fantastic names such as power nap, Temper tantrum and diaper slam just to name a few. There are a few changes coming to the final print from the one I am using which are going to make the card names even better, despite having a preview copy I have backed the project to get the finished copy of the game.

So Punching babies is turn based and starts with each player getting 10 cards and who ever can throw a attack card down first gets to start, so it means it is a race to scan and play your first card if you plan to draw first blood or you can hold back and go on guard. It is a game of tactics and the luck of the draw will have a big impact on what you can do during you turn as you would expect, once someone attacks you have chance to respond with a defence card at the start of your turn then follow with special and finally end you turn with a attack card. The rounds continue until both players are out of playable cards, this is possible as the only card draw the game has is from prompts from the cards as you are fighting for example Jab which does 1 damage and you draw a card.

Punching babies

The are a couple ways to punching babies you can do best of 3 rounds which speaks for itself, there is the other option to do a full set of round just tallying up the damage as you go and finally TKO which is where you are doing rounds racing to inflict 100 damage.

The Kickstarter is currently running as we speak and at the time I am writing this article it still has 18 days to go which means you have plenty of time to get your self online and grab a copy of this game, including shipping from the US you are looking at £16 for a copy of this great little game and I have linked in the page where ever it says Kickstarter so you can find  it nice and easy.

So far everyone who has played or seen the game at the Swindon games club has loved it and a fair few of us have already jumped on and backed it, so take a look at the videos reviews if you don’t believe me but don’t miss out on a chance to help get this game going!

Overall score for this game 8/10 and I can’t wait for the final version!