Radical Rabbit Stew – Preview


by Chloe Smith

At first glance,radical rabbit Stew seems like one of those games you would play on your old N64 or SNES, or even on an arcade machine.

In this indie puzzle game developed by Pugstorm, you have to beat the rabbits into the stew with your spoon (that upgrades throughout) before they turn into man eating rabbits and eat you…or they fall off the platform into space. But be careful because if you go too far, you too could end up in the atmosphere.

A lot of radical Rabbit Stew is to do with timing and to get your timing absolutely perfect, otherwise you will be rabbit food!

This is a 16-bit game so if you are a fan of retro video games, this game is for you. With its boppy soundtrack, it is hard to stay mad at this game when those Radical Rabbits get to you.

Radical Rabbit Stew

I myself got stuck on a level very early on but found that it was more of a luck-based shot rather than timing. If you asked me to do it again, I probably couldn’t.

I am a fan of the more strategy-based games where there’s not much thinking involved and you can just switch a game on and play. This could be put into that category…but I don’t think that it would be as relaxing as others can be. That being said, it is a fun little game to play.

As the game goes further on, you come face to face with big bosses, like you do in most games. You have to be creative when it gets to these levels when you’re finding ways to beat them. It isn’t as simple as beat, bash, boom you’re in the stew!

Radical Rabbit Stew

The game unfortunately is unavailable to buy as of yet as the planned release isn’t until July! However, when it is released, you will be able to play either as a single player, or against someone else. I can see this becoming a great party game/boredom buster for those cold wet nights in! Although, if you are competitive, you may want to just stick to single player rather than against someone.

As a fan of 8 and 16-bit games this game was very aesthetically pleasing to me and the visuals were great! The colours and brightness of the game added to the feel of it and made it an all round fun game to play.
The soundtrack was that of your typical retro arcade game, which if it got annoying after a while, I am sure you could turn it down, however it was very feel good and fit the game perfectly. As did the sound effects, including the little temper tantrum that the cook has when he fails or the click of the fingers when he succeeds a level. Attention to detail there was second to none, as you would half expect the developers to overlook something as minor as that, but they pulled through with a little surprise.

Would I recommend this game to others? Yes I would! Will I be waiting (im)patiently for the release date so I can play the full game? Yes I will! I give this a rating of 8/10 just because I am unable to play the whole game and I WANT MORE!!!

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