May 30, 2023

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Rampage knights is an older game from Rake in glass that has recently arrive on the switch, the developers have previously focused on pc, android and iOS games but clearly have decided to branch out further on to the switch as have a lot of indie developers in recent months.

So enough about the dev’s let’s get stuck into Rampage knights, you start off with the into where you find out that while traveling back with their treasure one night, they get lost in the woods which leads to them pitching camp for the night. While they sleep a evil and hideous warlocks face raises from the fire and decides he wants their treasure for themselves, the adventurers awake to see the face above the fire and grab weapons to fight, but sadly for them the warlock was to powerful and he destroys their weapons and overpowers them and the next thing they know they are waking up in a camp full of strangers.

Rampage knights

Rampage knights is a throw back to the days of the classics and I get the impression that someone over at Rake in glass has a love for the golden axe series and let’s be fair they were classics! At the start you only have access to one type of character the adventurer but there is a total of 6 that can be unlocked as you play through the game and complete different challenges which you can check the progress on at camp these range from the adventurer that you start with to pirates and a couple of different mage types each with their own abilities and stats to suit you play style. You will also notice there is a person in the camp that can change the difficulty of the game but you need to unlock the easier setting which if done so by just dying a lot, also in camp to the left there is a training area where you can go and knock about some skeletons for a while to get to grips with the controls.

Rampage knights has both a solo and a co-op mode to it so you can play alone or with a friend which is always a good option for the game, I found playing solo you have 2 lives but on co-op you each only get one but should your brother in arms die then they become a spirit that can fly around and hit enemies for 1 damage but it very good at knocking them down and slowing them from reaching the remaining fighter which is handy as once they achieve enough kills you can come back to life.

Rampage knights

There is a lot of replay value to the game as each time you leave camp the dungeon will be different with a new layout each time you set off to find the evil wizard and regain you treasure, as you play though you will find new weapons, magic spells, armour and even increase you stats via wearables and potions. Each time you find something new the look of your character will change as it gives you a fantastic if not simple rpg style element to the game, the upgrades are very easy to see if it is going to be helpful or not and its is not overly complicated with no menus to go through as its all on screen for you to see when you stand over the item but remember due to the fact you have no inventory to carry your old items choose wisely! As you move through the dungeons you will meet a host of things to battle and slay such skeletons, witches, knights, ogres, devils and even a massive swinging eye on a chain to name just a few.

Rampage knights is bright and well designed and a good port over from a steam game and the controllers are easy to get to grips with and work well,  the fact you can play with friends and the random level generator gives this game a massive replay value meaning you are really going to get you monies worth out of this game which is a steal at £8.99 and a must have for any retro gamer who had a love for the golden eye and streets of rage style games.