April 1, 2023

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Rescue HQ – PC review


Review by PeetyPoos

Rescue HQ is an emergency service resource management simulation game, it has been developed by Still alive studios and published by the guys at Aerosoft. The idea for the game is to build up your own headquarters and design your masterpiece in rescue, you will build, organize and manage your own jointed firefighters, ambulance and police station.

Rescue HQ

There are 4 different scenarios that you are given, in order to pass these levels, you have to pass certain objectives and make sure you don’t fail the challenges that are laid out before you. When you reach the harder levels the crime and severity of the issues is increased but along with this your funding and the grants you get also gets reduced, this makes you have to adapt your play style and approach things differently so that you manage your resources and your emergency services a little tighter.

Rescue HQ

Your little empire starts with just a basic fire station setup, but you can soon build up and combine rooms, such as an office where you have your recruitment desks for all 3 services, and same with the training room. Also, you need to make sure you have a big enough kitchen and enough shower facilities, otherwise the mood of your workers drops and become all unhappy. Plus, not to forget the garage for all your various rescue vehicles which you know are always going to be handy to have around.

Rescue HQ

When an emergency notification on the right-hand side of your screen clicks on which will prompt you to put your team together, each notification has a specific requirement in terms of types of vehicle or a specific amount off workers or equipment. Try to ensure that you match these as much as you can as if you don’t meet these specific requirements you will lower the chance off the success rate which means less chance of passing and saving all the citizens,

Whilst in your time in the city saving life’s and cats and there are some times major events that pop up, so for example there is a mafia boss scheduled to show up in court and so you need to provide protection for it with trained officers in SWAT gear.

Overall – it’s a fun game, hectic at points where are you still learning how to play, and the fact the game has steam workshop support is amazing for people to work and make their own scenarios, it is one I will be coming back to and something that you should keep a eye out for if you are interested in this style of game.

I give Rescue HQ a score of 7.5/10