April 1, 2023

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Riddled Corpses Ex Review – Good Twin Stick Zombie Shooting Fun

Riddled Corspes Ex is a remake of 2015 PC game Riddled Corpses and is a top down twin stick zombie shooter...

Riddled Corspes Ex is a remake of 2015 PC game Riddled Corpses and is a top down twin stick zombie shooter.  The game has a retro 16 bit style to the graphics and includes a number of visual options to add scan-lines and CRT filters to make it look even more retro.  Further to this is in the audio you can choose from the new more modern soundtrack or the classic 16 bit chip tune version.  Players must shoot waves of the undead with a variety of different enemy types, collecting powerups along the way and gold which can be used to level up characters and unlock new ones.

The difficulty is very high providing a meaty challenge and I had to play through stages several times, collecting gold to level up and progressing that little bit further each time.  I am not terribly skilled at these types of games to be honest and this for me was a little frustrating and repetitius but that is purely down to my own skill or lack there of.  People who like bullet hell twin stick shooters such as this will probably appreciate the high difficulty level but if you are more of a casual fan like myself I wouldn’t really recommend it.  But if you are a fan of these really difficult games, Riddled Corpses Ex has a lot to offer you.

The game features a good variety of different enemy types, end of level bosses such as the one in the screenshot above and vehicle sections shown below which helps to keep the action fresh and varied.  You can play the game solo or in local 2 player coop with a friend sharing the same screen.  There are 6 characters with varying stats and abilities for you to unlock and level up.  There are Arcade, Story and Survival game modes as well as online leaderboards to compare your high scores with others encouraging replayability.

Riddled Corpses Ex is a fun twin stick shooter with a high difficulty curve that wont appeal to everyone.  The game is very well made and polished with nice retro style visuals and a pleasant sound track that is well suited to the gameplay.  A lot to unlock and a good number of stages that will keep you busy and offers good value for the reasonable asking price of £9.59.  The controls are very good and the action clips along at a steady 60fps, for disclosure I played the game on an Xbox One X so cannot comment on other formats but they promise 60fps as well.  I enjoyed the game but as Ive said the difficulty for me led to frustration and having to repeat stages a lot so if you like really hard twin stick shooters maybe add another point to the score.  Riddled Corpses Ex releases on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and PC on Wednesday 6 June 2018.



Publisher: Cowcat Games
Developer: Cowcat Games/Diabolic Minds
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and PC
Release Date: 6 June 2018
Price: £9.59