March 30, 2023

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Ride 3

Ride 3 – Xbox One Review

Ride 3 is huge with over 60 events with multiple races in each one and each one requires a style of bike to compete in order to be able to take part

Review by Kerith Busby

Ride 3 is the latest instalment in the series from Milestone sural now I won’t pretend that I am a follower of the game and claim that I have played the previous titles because I haven’t and to try to convince you otherwise would be wrong. What I will say is though is that ride 3 is a stunning game the graphics and the attention to detail in the game are breathtaking.

I will admit the game its self takes some getting used to as I am not the most hard-core racing fan at the best of times and I have never really played any motorbike racing games, so this is something I am new to. The controls for the Ride 3 are very flexible and the game will give you much or as little help as you require which can all be adjusted in the settings ranging from just holding down the accelerator to having to manage the lean into the turns, you can go as in depth as you want to in this game and will give playersat every level something they will enjoy.

Ride 3 is huge with over 60 events with multiple races in each one and each one requires a style of bike to compete in order to be able to take part (tip here – don’t throw all your cash into your first bike before realising you may not have the right bike for the first event and then have to find one you can actually play) the customisation and the number of changes that can be made to the massive variety of bikes is frankly breathtaking and it is easy to get lost in making your own livery let alone the racing aspect.

The game works with 6 tiers of races which are unlocked with stars which are earned by finishing in the top 3 in races and time trials (3 for 1st and 1 for 3rd) then lastly you can take part in the grand finale. The mechanics to the game are very true to real life where if you hit the throttle too hard with the wheel turned you will just spin the bike out so there is an aspect to knowing how to handle a bike to be able to really get anywhere with the races as I discovered after many a failed attempt at getting around a corner or trying to do a cheeky overtake as I normally would in a racing game only to be met with a wall or the taste of gravel, but with perseverance and stubbornness I have hit a point of being oddly hooked on this game. I am loving the bikes and the mechanics of how they handle even though I have yet to master how to win a dirt bike race as I keep throwing myself into walls and all sorts.

There is a massive number of bikes in the game to choose from too ranging from the well-known choices such as Aprilia and triumph as well as some of the more obscure but known to true fans make such as moto Guzzi and KTM so there is something here for everyone that they can connect with and get to grips with and enjoy.

Patience is key with this game and you need to take the time to learn how the bikes handle and make sure the settings are set up to how you need them and increase the difficulty as you go, that is unless you’re a seasoned veteran of the series then I am sure you can find your way around the Ride 3 easy enough and set it up as you want it to make the most of the game and really enjoy everything it has to offer.

I realise the write up may seem a bit mixed but the game is solid and fun with a lot of variables to help new people to the franchise and to make sure the guys who know the games can hit the ground running I give it a solid 7, its something new to me and I do think the game is good but sadly there is some lag in the races where it will freeze and you have to wait for the game to catch up and unfreeze which can cause it to mess with your flow a bit and can interfere with your concentration when in a longer race which is a shame, though I am hoping they can fix this minor performance issue with a patch once it is on general release.

Overall score 7/10

*though if the patch the freezing glitch I would give it an easy 8/10