March 29, 2023

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Road to Guangdong – PC review


Review by PeetyPoos

Road to Guangdong is a game created by the small indie developers just add oil and published by Excalibur games, this game is a driving simulation with story behind it and where you will be faced by some puzzles and moral decisions to make as you cross china to get to Guangdong to revive your family’s restaurant.

You play as a young art graduate called sunny, where she has just recently inherited your families failing cherished restaurant. On your journey across china you will take your Aunt Guu Ma with you, you both navigate your way through southern china with your family’s trusted car Sandy and meet with various relatives though out your journey as talk with them and interact with and make choices and learn recipes that you hope will help save your families restaurant.

Road to Guangdong

The mechanics are fairly simple to get to grips with and are as follows, you drive and navigate through southern china, all the time whilst traveling you need to keeping check on your oil and engine management gauges. As you are traveling across china they will begin to deteriorate so when you hit about 1/3 way though the levels you can go to the garage, while your there you will need to fill up with petrol, change the oil and you may even have to change and upgrade engine parts such as fan belts and tires. Don’t worry there are ways that you can try and save your pennies for another day and if you want to save a little money go rummaging through scrap to find car parts.

So, lets breakdown the good and bad things I have found while playing Road to Guangdong, I really like the art style off the game and the rolling back grounds off the 1990’s Guangdong is great to drive around and explore. I will admit I have lost myself more than once where I have spent a little too much time staring at the sunsets and sun rises so take your time with the game and really enjoy what it has to offer.

Road to Guangdong

So on to the bad things about Road to Guangdong, the game play is linear drive to place A, if you need fuel repairs go to garage B on the way, talk to the people you will find at place A where you are greeted with limited speech choices. I would love to have been able to explore more of china and get out off my car and walk around as they have put so much work into the look of the game it is a shame it can’t be enjoyed more than is currently there, one other thing I feel could be improved is the steering as is a little slow and clunky which could possibly be a upgrade option that could be added in?

Overall, it’s okay for a small indie game, if you want a traditional family-based story and learning about your family’s history in a game then this is the one for you.

Score 5/10