March 30, 2023

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RoboCraft Infinity – Xbox One Review


By Kerith Busby
I was not sure what to expect at first when I got asked to review Robocraft as it is a game I had not previously heard of that has been made by the guys at FreeJam.
The game starts off with a little bit of a backstory explaining that there is a war in progress to gain control of the most powerful energy source in the galaxy which is called protonium, the two factions fighting for this is E14 and The CF.
When the game starts you are in the tutorial area bay 6 where you get given your Robocrafting gun and finish constructing your first robot (which is almost complete anyway), from there you can go into the robot test area to get a feel for how the robot moves and how its weapons work. I will say now speaking from experience that you should always go into the test zone to try out your robot before jumping into a fight as you can avoid some of the situations I had where my flying robot wouldn’t take off or another issue I had where I couldn’t hit anything with my railguns because they were hitting the guns in front….

There is a lot of construction elements to the game for those of you who want to completely custom build your robots though keep in mind you do have a pflops limit which is effectively a build limit to how big and meaty you want to make them. If building a robot from scratch isn’t your thing don’t worry the game has you covered! You can use one of the 5 prebuilt robots that are there for you or you can make one using a prebuilt base choosing from mech, car, tank, hovercraft etc then you can just add your choice of moving parts and arm it up.
Another option once you get further into the game is you can use the in-game currency that you collect that is called robits to download robots that other people have made and put up on the store, which you can also do with your own designs when you feel you are on to a winner.
There are two game modes Robocraft, there is a 5 vs 5 deathmatch where the first team to 25 kills wins, this is a nice simple mode to find your feet and get started with till you find your play style and the type of robot you want to use or make. Depending how you do in these games if you come 1st in the match you get a protonium loot crate full of new and useful goodies to upgrade you robots with, sometimes the loot you drop will turn into robits but don’t worry because you can use those to unlock new guns, movement, blocks and cosmetics. You also will get daily loot crates and level up crates to keep the new items trickling in and more options to play around with.

The other game mode is a objective mode where you need to keep control of as many of the 3 protonium mines as you can to power up your weapon to destroy the enemy base, if you are behind you can destroy the cores that appear from time to time to catch up to you enemy same as if you are in the lead you need to defend these cores.
The gameplay itself is a 3rd person shooter view but you can switch that to 1st person if you prefer so both play styles are covered so no matter which you prefer the option is there, the controls are simple and the game is easy to get into and it is definitely a game you can just pick up and jump into. One downside I have found is sometimes the matchmaking can take a few mins to get you matched up and into a game, but I will imagine as the popularity of the game grows this will not be much of an issue.

There is so much variety in the game with so many different options to customise and build your robots that you will find hours of fun in it, I have been slightly addicted to playing this game since I have got it as it has been so enjoyable. I would highly recommend getting it and giving it a go as it is only £14.99 on the store and if you have the game pass it is included with that as well.
Overall Score – a strong 8/10, would highly recommend giving it ago!