April 1, 2023

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Rogue Aces – PS4 Review


Our sister group Hidden Gems Games Media has been following the development of Rogue Aces for some time now so we were incredibly excited to receive a review copy of Infinite State’s new game prior to the PS4 release.

As with most indie games, there isn’t much story before you dive into the action. You are the last pilot in the army and there are only three aeroplanes left. Premise set, off we go.
Game Modes
Rogue aces is a nostalgic, permadeath, arcade-style dogfight/bomber sim and is jam-packed with game modes that unlock as you progress through the game
Campaign: 100 randomly generated missions over a procedurally generated series of islands.
Veteran Campaign: Same as Campaign but with all the training aids taken off.  The way it’s meant to be played 😉
Frontline Campaign: A map based Time Attack campaign mode where you take on an island’s worth of objectives at a time.
Rogue Ace: Ultimate arcade madness.  Fully powered up, no missions, just score attack.
Survival: All out non-stop arcade deathmatch dogfightin’ fun
Bomber Defence: *TOP SECRET*
Plus much more secret stuff
The levels in Rogue Aces are all procedurally generated so that the landscape is always different. Whilst each run of the campaign ends in permadeath you do gain XP from every campaign which enables you to select upgrades before each campaign.

The controls for Rogue Aces can be difficult to get used to at first but ‘click’ quite quickly and then results in some fun manoeuvres during dogfights. Unfortunately, though the missions soon become repetitive and the action feels like it should be quicker and more intense.
Whilst Hidden Gems was following the game’s development they had the impression it would be more of a face paced Bulletstorm game. In reality, it is a fairly slow-paced jaunt.
Rogue Aces is a fun little game with nostalgic arcade overtones but unfortunately little content. Each game mode just seems to be a repeat of the previous mode. It is great for a quick pick up and play moments but offers very little to come back to.
Overall Score – 6/10