June 7, 2023

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RPGolf – PC Review


RPGolf was my first time playing a mixed genre game so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Going in with an open mind and a bit of trepidation meant I could really enjoy this little gem of a game.
A wonderful little indie title from ArticNet that is bursting with heart is a game that I highly recommend to any gamer regardless of what genre or platform you usually play on.
Once upon a time, the kingdom was a land of peace, harmony, and an all-consuming passion for the greatest sport – GOLF. Everyone in the land played day and night, and soon the kingdom itself was turned into the most beautiful course the world had ever seen. The land was happy. The land was good.
Until the monsters came…
In its obsession with golf, the people had become complacent, leaving the kingdom open to attack. Hole by hole, dungeon by dungeon, the monsters emerged and drove the people off the course. And a great sadness fell across the world.
Then one day, a brave girl appeared, determined to play the finest course in the world. Armed only with her golf club, she would set forth to play the nine legendary holes. But first, she would need to rid the land of the monsters…

The graphics for RPGolf are nothing short of wonderful. a sort of mix between Pokemon and classic Zelda. Colourful, bright and vibrant with a nice light soundtrack.  The art style in RPGolf will appeal to gamers of all ages.
The gameplay for RPGolf is deceptively simple. The kingdom is made up of 9 holes and you have to complete each hole in par or less to progress to the next hole. Once you tee off from you hole you then have to fight your way through monsters on the course to reach your ball and take your next shot.
An interesting game mechanic means that the percentage of health you have dictates the max distance of your shot. For example, if you can hit the ball 100y but are at 50% health then you will only be able to hit the ball 50y until you heal.
Inbetween each hole there is a dungeon to complete in order to gain the item needed to open up the path to the next hole. Throughout all this, you can level up and increase your stats. There are 4 stats in the game STR, INT, DEF and PCR.
Each stat has two functions, for example, STR dictates the damage you cause to monsters during a fight but also dictates the distance you can hit the ball when playing golf.
On your journey through the 9 hole kingdom, you can buy new and improved golf clubs that will also increase your fighting and golfing ability. Whilst it will only take 2-3 hours to complete the course this is only the beginning. There is so much to explore and secrets to discover that you will find yourself clocking a lot more time in the game than you did to finish the story.

RPGolf is available for Steam, Android and ios devices. With a price tag of just £3 RPGolf is a steal and there is no reason not to purchase this absolute gem of a game.
With secrets such has dungeons, bosses and clubs to discover there is plenty to keep you coming back to RPGolf once you have finished its relatively short story mode and there is a legitimate reason for getting your handicap low.
RPGolf is a wonderful gem of a game and I would love to see it on more platforms as well as updates added to the game as RPGolf is something I can see myself coming back to again and again.
Score – 9/10