March 30, 2023

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Sea Of Thieves Developer Live Stream Today At 5pm GMT/9am PST/12pm EST

Latest info from the developers on what to expect in the full game when it launches next week.

Rare have announced a special live stream today for Sea Of Thieves looking ahead to the game’s launch on 20 March 2018 and detailing what’s in store in the full game.  The stream will be broadcasted on Mixer & Twitch so click your preferred platform of choice.  Although usually there are prizes for Mixer viewers on Xbox’s first party games streams so I’d recommend watching there or at least sign in with your gamertag and minimise it as they just pick winners at random without any further action needed by viewers to be entered into the draws.  If you miss the live stream the show will be uploaded to their Youtube channel shortly afterwards.
Here’s the latest developer diary from the Sea Of Thieves Youtube channel for more information on the game to keep you going until later today.