April 1, 2023

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Has A New Game + Mode

Along with new skill paths to unlock on your second playthrough too!

Announced on the game’s official site today, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will feature New Game + allowing you to carry over a lot of things you have unlocked when you first complete the game into a second playthrough and New Game + will also include new gameplay in new upgrade paths you can choose from to suit your play style and further upgrade Lara with more bad ass abilities!

When you start New Game + you will keep all of your skills, weapons, gear, equipment upgrades and outfits you have unlocked from your first playthrough.  On top of this you will now have 3 new skill paths to spend upgrade points on: Serpent Path, Jaguar Path & Eagle Path.  Quoting Eidos Montreal’s official description here are the 3 new skill paths in New Game +:


Path of the Serpent

You gameplay features an emphasis on stealth and subterfuge. Take down your foes one by one, using sound and decoys to sow chaos among their ranks. Mud and camoflague lets you lash out your foes before slipping back into the shadows.

Path of the Jaguar

Your gameplay features an emphasis on hunting and combat. Strike down your enemies with an unrivaled ferocity. Your agility and close-ranged prowess tear through your enemies with knife takedowns.

Path of the Eagle

Gameplay features an emphasis on traversal and resourcefulness. Observe your enemies from afar, scouting out to plan your next attack. Traverse with ease, attacking enemies from long range.


Each chosen path will unlock a variety of exclusive rewards that further compliment your playstyle and gameplay.
By selecting a path, you’ll unlock mastery skills featuring a variety of unique new abilities. From Jaguar Rage to Eagle Sight, each skill expands your game play.
On top of new skills available, chosen Paths feature unique themed weapons and outfits that further take your game.

I am very happy with this news as a huge Tomb Raider fan who has completed the previous games several times, I wished for a New Game + Mode as it will really make subsequent playthroughs better having all of the weapons and abilities to play with from the get go and having these new paths to unlock more abilities for depending on how I want to play is salivating to me.  Absolutely cannot wait!  Here is a new trailer for you to watch as well on the makeshift weapons Lara can croft (🤭) in the game.